Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Asia Trip: McDonald's Japan - McPork Sandwich

McDonald's McPork Sandwich in its wrapper
McDonald's McPork is a 100 yen value menu ($1.11 at the going rate) item over in Japan. It consists of a regular McDonald's hamburger bun, hand-leafed lettuce (a change from the typical McDonald's shredded), a pork patty, and a teriyaki-type sauce.

McDonald's McPork Sandwich
So how was the McPork?  It's pretty tasty and cheap to boot, especially for Japan. The McPork tastes a lot like a breakfast sausage patty but a little less salty and little bit bigger to fit the hamburger bun.  The sauce was a nice blend of salty and sweet. The bun provided a good balance for muting the stronger flavors.

I'd eat this one again if I was in Japan.  Plus I love the pigs on the wrapper... you know just in case kids are confused about where pork come from.  See? It's educational!  And good McBranding!

You'll also notice that despite Japan being a homogeneous and relatively non-English speaking country, the entire wrapper is covered in English.
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