Review: Domino's - Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Artisan Pizza

Domino's Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Artisan Pizza is the latest addition to Domino's ...

Domino's Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Artisan Pizza is the latest addition to Domino's line of $7.99 Artisan-style pizzas. It's topped with a blend of marinara and alfredo sauce, pieces of grilled chicken breast, smoked bacon, mozzarella cheese, diced tomatoes, and a bit of oregano.

Rather than the egg, Domino's goes with chicken for their carbonara pizza. There were some decent sized pieces on my pizza. They were lightly seasoned, but a little dry. The cheese and sauce helped offset the dryness.

Besides mozzarella, Domino's throws in some Alfredo sauce to give the Bacon & Chicken Carbonara Artisan a little more "oomph" in the cheese department and it works.

The star of the show is the bacon though. With a mix of crispy bits and chewy bits, the bacon had a decent thickness and an intense (probably artificial not that I mind) smoky flavor that is top notch compared to what passes for bacon at the other major fast food chains. The bacon really made the pizza for me.

The diced tomatoes were very lightly sprinkled on the pizza, but added a little bit of that stewed tomato flavor when they popped up.

I'm a fan of Domino's Artisan-style pizza crust; it has a crispness that some major pizza chains lack and enough texture to keep it interesting. I prefer it over Domino's other crust options. Unfortunately, it only comes with preset toppings. No Pepperoni Artisan Pizza for me...

Out of all the Artisan-style pizzas I've sampled, my favorite is a pretty close call between this and the Spinach & Feta, but I'll give a slight nod to the Chicken & Bacon Carbonara because it has bacon!

Nutritional Info - Domino's Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Artisan Pizza
per slice, 8 per slices per pizza (76g)
Calories - 150 (from Fat - 50)
Fat - 6g (Saturated Fat - 2.5g)
Sodium - 360mg
Carbs - 18g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 8g


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