Jul 19, 2024

Hardee's Introduces New Frisco BLT Burger and Chicken Sandwich

Hardee's Frisco BLT Angus Burger and Frisco BLT Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich.
This summer, Hardee's adds the new Frisco BLT Angus Burger and Frisco BLT Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich to the menu for a limited time at participating locations.

2024 National Ice Cream Day Deals and Specials

Dairy Queen's Chocolate Dilly Bar.
Sunday, July 21, 2024 is National Ice Cream Day, and quite a few ice cream makers and big-name food brands are offering a deal or promotion to celebrate the summer-friendly dessert. In case you're looking to join the festivities, here's a list of 2024 National Ice Cream Day deals and specials:
Jul 18, 2024

Review: Krispy Kreme - Passport to Paris Donuts

A box of a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme's Passport to Paris Collection.

Krispy Kreme's Passport to Paris Donuts are a trio of donuts inspired by Parisian desserts. They include the Raspberry & Vanilla Crème Donut, Crème Brûlée Donut, and Double Chocolate Éclair Donut.

Panera Adds New Spicy Sandwiches and Avocado Toast

Panera's new Avocado Toasts.
Panera continues its "New Era" menu changes by introducing two spicy sandwiches--the Spicy Fiesta Chicken Sandwich and limited-time Kickin' Grilled Cheese. Also new is Avocado Toast, which is joined by the return of Blueberry Bagels and Sesame Bagels.

Jack in the Box Buttery Jack Burgers Now Made with Smashed Patties

Jack in the Box's Bacon & Swiss Buttery Smashed Jack burger.
Jack in the Box looks to build upon the success of the Smashed Jack by now making its Buttery Jack burgers with the smashed patty of the Smashed Jack. They're now calling them, "Buttery Smashed Jack" burgers.

Taco Bell Debuts New Cheesy Street Chalupas

An order of Taco Bell's Cheesy Street Chalupas.
Taco Bell debuts new Cheesy Street Chalupas as a limited-time menu item that features a new Quesalupa-inspired cheesy chalupa shell paired with the fresh onions and cilantro that you'd find on a classic street taco (which is generally a simple affair of a corn tortilla filled with meat, onion, cilantro, and salsa).

El Pollo Loco Welcomes Three New Fire-Grilled Chicken Burritos

El Pollo Loco's new Fire-Grilled Chicken Burritos.
El Pollo Loco updates its burrito offerings with the addition of three new Fire-Grilled Chicken Burritos. Each of the new burritos includes handmade guacamole inside. They're meant to be "more portable, flavorful, filling, and convenient" than the fast-food chain's previous burritos.
Jul 17, 2024

Spicy Chicken Strips Return to Jack in the Box Along with Two New Sauces

Jack in the Box's 2-piece Spicy Chicken Strips Snack Box.
Spicy Chicken Strips are back at Jack in the Box for a limited time at participating locations through August 5, 2024. They arrive with two new dipping sauces: Honey Sriracha and Bacon Ranch.

Popeyes Offers $2 Happy Hour Sides Deal on Tuesdays and Thursdays

A selection of Popeyes' regular-size sides.
Popeyes is running a $2 Happy Hour Sides deal available on digital orders from 5PM to 9PM local time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During the fast-food chain's Happy Hour, you can purchase a regular-size side for $2 each (up to three per order) at participating locations nationwide.

Carl's Jr. Tests New Everything Seasoning Shake and More

Carl's Jr.'s Everything Bagel Seasoning menu.
Carl's Jr. features everything bagel seasoning in a test of the Everything Shake, Double Everything Burger, and Everything Breakfast Burger for a limited time at participating locations in Palm Springs, CA.

Ore-Ida Releases New Fudge n’ Vanilla French Fry Pop

A French Fry Pop held over a bowl of fries.
Ore-Ida teams up with GoodPop to combine their respective French fry and ice cream know-how and release the new, limited-edition Fudge n' Vanilla French Fry Pop.

Turkey Hill Launches New Late Night Ice Cream Line

Turkey Hill's Late Night Ice Cream line.
Ice cream maker Turkey Hill launches its new Late Night Ice Cream as a line of indulgent ice cream flavors geared towards being eaten in the wee hours. According to Turkey Hill, "94% of personal ice cream consumers indulge in the evening, after dinner, and late night."

Turkey Hill's new Late Night Ice Creams include the following flavors:

Jul 16, 2024

Review: Popeyes - Honey Lemon Pepper Boneless Wings

A container of six Popeyes' Honey Lemon Pepper Boneless Wings.

Popeyes Honey Lemon Pepper Boneless Wings feature small, crispy-fried boneless chicken pieces tossed in a Honey Lemon Pepper sauce.

New Maruchan Hot & Spicy Chicken Ramen-Flavored Funyuns Revealed

Bags of Maruchan Hot & Spicy Chicken Ramen-flavored Funyuns.
Onion-flavored rings brand Funyuns partners with ramen brand Maruchan to release new limited-edition ramen-flavored, onion-flavored rings.

Arby's Adds Jalapeno Bites to Two for $6 Mix-and-Match Deal

Arby's two-for-$6 mix-and-match-deal options.
Arby's does a mid-summer refresh of its two-for-$6 "Everyday Value" mix-and-match deal and adds Jalapeno Bites to the available options while removing Mozzarella Sticks.

As it stands, the current selection for Arby's two-for-$6 mix-and-match deal includes:

Subway Introduces New Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich in Canada

Subway Canada's Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.
As a limited-time dessert for the summer, Subway Canada introduces the new Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.

Little Caesars Offers $7.99 Large Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza Deal

Little Caesars' Large Thin-Crust Pepperoni Pizza
For a limited time, Little Caesars is offering a deal where you can get a large thin-crust pepperoni pizza for $7.99 (a large thin-crust cheese pizza is also available for the same price). Additionally, the pizza will be available Hot-N-Ready from 4 to 8 PM for quick pickup.
Jul 15, 2024

Review: Popeyes - Classic Boneless Wings

A container of Popeyes' Classic Boneless Wings.

Popeyes Classic Boneless Wings feature crispy-fried chicken breast pieces marinated with "Louisiana spices."

2024 National Hot Dog Day Deals and Specials

Dog Haus chili dog.
July 17, 2024 is National Hot Dog Day, when we celebrate the frankfurter sausage in a bun. Here's a list of 2024 National Hot Dog Day deals and specials to save help save some money:

Plant-Based Beyond Orange Chicken Returns to Panda Express

Panda Express' Beyond Orange Chicken.
Citing customer demand, Beyond Original Orange Chicken is back at Panda Express at participating locations nationwide.