Jan 20, 2022

Little Debbie Brings Back Valentine's Day Snack Cakes and Brownies for 2022

Little Debbie brings back "Be My Valentine's" Vanilla Snack Cakes and "Be My Valentine's" Iced Brownies for a limited time ahead of Valentine's Day 2022.

Jan 19, 2022

Kellogg's Releases New Special K Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cereal

Kellogg's releases new Special K Brown Sugar Cinnamon cereal as their first cereal that includes 100 percent daily value of 10 essential vitamins and minerals, including Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Iron, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, and Folate.

Danone Launches New Plant-Based Silk Nextmilk

Danone launches new, plant-based Silk Nextmilk aimed at "dairy-lovers out there that like the idea of plant-based beverages but are unwilling to give up the taste and texture of traditional dairy."

Cold Stone Debuts New Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Ice Cream

Cold Stone Creamery debuts new Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry ice cream as a limited-time, Valentine's Day-themed flavor.

M&M's Unveils 2022 Valentine's Day Personalized Gifts

M&M's unveils a number of personalized gift options for Valentine's Day 2022 featuring M&M's candies that you can customize with a selection of colors and your own message, clip-art, or photo/image.

Dunkin' Introduces Omelet Bites and More for 2022 Winter Menu

Dunkin' introduces new Omelet Bites and several other new menu items for their 2022 winter menu.

Jan 18, 2022

Review: Taco Bell - Cheddar Chipotle Chalupa

Taco Bell's Chipotle Cheddar Chalupa features seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese, Creamy Chipotle sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes on a fried Chalupa shell.

Yoshinoya Cooks Up New Udon Noodles

Yoshinoya introduces new Japanese Udon Noodles as a new side/carb option that features udon, a thick wheat-flour noodle found in Japanese cuisine.

Dr Pepper Shake Returns to Whataburger for Limited Time

The Dr Pepper Shake makes a limited time return to the Whataburger menu this winter.

Haribo Welcomes New Goldbears with Blue-Raspberry Party Hats and Single-Flavor Bags of Goldbears

Haribo welcomes Goldbears with limited-time Blue-Raspberry-flavored party hats as well as single-flavor limited-edition bags of select Goldbear varieties (Pineapple and Blue-Raspberry).