May 22, 2024
May 21, 2024

Review: Pizza Hut - Cheeseburger Melt

Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Melt with Burger Sauce next to a quarter.

Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Melt features a parmesan-crusted thin crust folded with beef, applewood-smoked bacon, onions, mozzarella, and cheddar. It comes with a new Burger Sauce for dipping.

New Grandma McFlurry Arrives at McDonald's

McDonald's Grandma McFlurry.
McDonald's introduces the new Grandma McFlurry as the latest limited-time flavor to grace the fast-food chain's McFlurry lineup.

Shake Shack Serves Up New Smoky BBQ Menu for Summer 2024

Shake Shack's 2024 Smoky BBQ summer menu.
Shake Shack kicks off summer 2024 with its new Smoky BBQ menu, which includes the Smoky Classic BBQ Burger, Carolina BBQ Burger with Fried Pickles, BBQ Fries, and BBQ Cheese Fries.

Wendy's Debuts New Sausage Breakfast Burrito and $3 English Muffin Deal

Wendy's Sausage Breakfast Burrito.
Wendy's looks to up its breakfast game with the debut of the new Sausage Breakfast Burrito and $3 English Muffin deal.

New Reese's Jumbo Cup Spotted in Stores

Reese's logo.
New Reese's Jumbo Cups have been spotted in stores as a limited-time, giant version of the iconic chocolate-covered peanut butter cup that's equal to a King Size pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (a King Size pack contains four peanut butter cups).
May 20, 2024

Free McDonald's 6-Piece Chicken McNuggets on May 22, 2024

A 6-piece order of Chicken McNuggets with barbecue dipping sauce.
McDonald's will be offering a nationwide deal on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, where you can get a free 6-piece order of Chicken McNuggets when ordering through the McDonald's mobile app at participating locations.

New Salted Caramel Dipped Waffle Cone at Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops

A Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Dipped Waffle Cone with Impressively Fudged ice cream.
Ben & Jerry's serves up the new Salted Caramel Dipped Waffle Cone at its scoop shops for a limited time.

Burger King Welcomes New Philly Melt

Burger King's Philly Melt.
Classic and Bacon Melts are back at Burger King for a limited time and are joined by a new option in the new Philly Melt.

IHOP Launches New IF Movie Menu

A plate of IHOP's Blue's Dazzleberry Pancakes.
IHOP welcomes a new, limited-time menu inspired by the new movie IF, which is a movie about a girl who discovers that she can see everyone's imaginary friends ("IFs" for short). As such the family-friendly menu features colorful and imaginative menu dishes, including:

Jimmy John's Introduces New Firecracker Wrap and More

Jimmy John's new Firecracker Wrap, Firecracker potato chips, and Confetti Cookie Sandwich.
Jimmy John's introduces the new Firecracker Wrap, which features new Firecracker Jimmy Chips for crunch and extra flavor, as a limited-time menu item for the summer. The sandwich chain also adds a new dessert: the Confetti Cookie Sandwich.
May 19, 2024

Crumbl Bakes New Cookies & Cream Krispy Bar

Crumbl's new Cookies & Creme Krispy Bar.
Crumbl bakes the new Cookies & Cream Krispy Bar as the cookie bakery chain's take on a rice crispy treat. The new dessert is the latest non-cookie offering from Crumbl and joins this week's limited-time line-up of cookies.

Here's Crumbl's weekly menu of baked goods through May 25, 2024:

Del Taco Brings Back Nacho Cheese and Funnel Fries

Del Taco's Chips & Nacho Cheese.
Heading into summer 2024, Del Taco brings back Nacho Cheese sauce and Funnel Cake Fries as part of its 60th anniversary festivities.
May 18, 2024

Blue Bell Churns Out New A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream

Two containers of Blue Bell A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream next to a root beer float and bowl of ice cream.
Blue Bell saves you a step in making a root beer float with the launch of new A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream.

Burger King Debuts New Mozzarella Fries

A 12-piece order of Burger King's Mozzarella Fries.
Burger King debuts new Mozzarella Fries as a new take on the Mozzarella Sticks that the fast-food chain had previously offered.
May 17, 2024

Review: Trader Joe's - Beef Bulgogi

A package of Trader Joe's Beef Bulgogi.

Trader Joe's Beef Bulgogi features fully cooked but frozen "thinly sliced marinated beef in a sweet & savory sauce."

Wendy's Puts Together New 50-Piece Chicken Nuggets Party Pack

Wendy's Nuggs Party Pack.
For those who can't get enough of Wendy's Chicken Nuggets, the fast-food chain welcomes the new Nuggs Party Pack, which is an order of 50 white-meat, breaded (crispy or spicy) chicken nuggets. It's only available in select markets across the US (and apparently comes in a bucket at some locations).

Pringles Releases New Minecraft Spicy TNT Flavor

A can of Pringles Minecraft Spicy TNT potato chips.
Pringles releases new Minecraft Spicy TNT as the latest, limited-time flavor to join its lineup of potato crisps.
May 16, 2024

New Pink Lemonade Kit Kats Arrive

A standard size package of Pink Lemonade Kit Kats.
With summer fast arriving, new Pink Lemonade Kit Kats arrive as a limited-time flavor to meet the warmer months.

Burger King Serves Up Onion-Heavy Burger in France

Burger King's Le Full Onion Burger.
Burger King's latest burger over in France is the new "Full Onion" burger. It's so named because it's full of onions. Specifically, it includes crispy-fried onion rings, caramelized onions, fresh onions, and crispy onions.