Dec 31, 2022

Smoothie King Launches New Power Meal Smoothies

Smoothie King launches new Power Meal Smoothies, which are so-named as they're meant to be a "high-protein, low-calorie meal replacement" option heading into the new year.

Chipotle Offers Free Queso with Entree Purchase Through January 1, 2023

Chipotle welcomes 2023 with a new year's deal where you can get a free regular side or topping of Queso Blanco with any entree purchase through January 1, 2023 when ordering through the Chipotle website or app.
Dec 30, 2022

Review: Trader Joe's - French Onion Focaccia

Trader Joe's French Onion Focaccia features focaccia bread topped with caramelized onion and cheeses for a French onion soup-inspired flavor.

Mint Chocolate Shake Returns to Arby's to Start 2023

The Mint Chocolate Shake returns to Arby's for a limited time in time to see the start of 2023.

Krispy Kreme Offers Any Two Dozen Donuts for $20.23 Through January 1, 2023

Krispy Kreme celebrate the upcoming new year of 2023 by offering "any Double Dozen" for $20.23 (i.e. any two dozen donuts for $20.23) at participating locations in the US and Canada through Sunday, January 1, 2023.

White Castle Reveals Deal Schedule for January, February, and March 2023

White Castle reveals their schedule of deals for the first three months of 2023 (January, February, and March 2023).

Here's what you can expect to find:

Dec 29, 2022

Buffalo Boneless Wings Return at Arby's

Buffalo Boneless Wings find themselves back on the menu at Arby's for a limited time this winter.

Dunkin' 2023 Winter Menu Features New Stuffed Biscuit Bites and More

Dunkin' welcomes their 2023 winter menu and it includes new Stuffed Biscuit Bites, Dunkin' Midnight dark roast coffee, and more.

El Pollo Loco Introduces New Burrito Grillers

El Pollo Loco introduces new Loco Burrito Grillers as their take on Sonoran-style burritos (Sonora is a state in northern Mexico).
Dec 28, 2022

Review: Taco Bell - Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito

Taco Bell's Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito features grilled, marinated, white-meat chicken served with seasoned rice, green sauce (AKA salsa verde), reduced-fat sour cream, and three-cheese blend wrapped inside a warm flour tortilla.

Arby's Brings Back White Cheddar Mac 'N Cheese and Debuts New Loaded Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac 'N Cheese

Arby's brings back their White Cheddar Mac 'N Cheese and debuts a new variety that they're calling the new Loaded Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac 'N Cheese.

New Lucky Charms S'mores Cereal Coming in January 2023

New Lucky Charms S'mores cereal and Hot Wheels cereal are set to arrive in stores nationwide starting in January 2023.

7-Eleven Offers Any Large Pizza for $4.99 Through 7Now Delivery App Through January 10, 2023

7-Eleven is offering a deal where you can get any large pizza for $4.99 for delivery using their 7Now delivery app for a limited time through Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at participating locations, while supplies last.
Dec 27, 2022

McBaguette Returns to McDonald's France for Emily in Paris Tie-in

The McBaguette returns to McDonald's France as part of a limited-time, promotional tie-in for the third season of Netflix's comedy series Emily in Paris.

New Spicy Roast Beef Sandwich Arrives at Arby's

The new Spicy Roast Beef Sandwich arrives at Arby's at a limited-time variant of the chain's signature roast beef sandwich.

Dunkin' Reveals January 2023 Deals for Rewards Members

Dunkin' reveals a number of deals that are exclusive to Dunkin' Rewards members can be used during the month of January 2023.

Dunkin' Rewards deals are one-time use offers that can be used during January 2023 at participating locations nationwide and include:

Dec 26, 2022

Review: McDonald's - Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese

McDonald's Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese features a made-to-order quarter-pound beef patty, two slices of American cheese, thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon, Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and smoky sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Sonic Welcomes New "Under $2 Craves" Menu

Sonic welcomes new "Under $2 Craves" as a selection of a few menu items priced under the $2 mark for a limited time at participating locations nationwide.

Sonic's Under $2 Craves includes:

Burger King Extends "Free Fries with Purchase" Deal Through June 30, 2023

Burger King extends their in-app "free fries with any purchase" deal for about a half a year with a new end date of June 30, 2023. The promo was originally slated to expire at the end of 2022.

Boston Market Offers Whole Rotisserie Chicken and More for $3.70 Each Through December 28, 2022

Boston Market celebrates their 37th anniversary with a three-day sale through December 28, 2022, that offers $3.70 pricing on a number of items, including whole Rotisserie Chicken.

The discounts during the promotion are as follows:

Dec 25, 2022

Crumbl Bakes New Tres Leches Cookies and More Through December 31, 2022

Crumbl finishes up 2022 with the arrival of new Tres Leches Cookies and more to make up their limited-time cookie selection for the week ending December 31, 2022.

Here's what you can expect to find in this week's Crumbl cookie line-up:

Dec 24, 2022

Dunkin' Offers $1 Donut with Medium or Larger Coffee Purchase "Dunkin' Run" Deal

Starting December 28, 2022, Dunkin' offers the new "Dunkin' Run" promotion, where you can get a classic donut for $1 when buying a medium or large hot or iced coffee at participating locations nationwide.

The selection may vary with location but the chain's classic donuts include:

Dec 23, 2022

Review: Papa John's - Oreo Cookie Papa Bites

Papa John's Oreo Cookie Papa Bites feature Oreo Cookie Papa Bites feature the chain's pizza dough rolled with Oreo cookie crumbles and cream cheese-flavored icing and then baked.

Del Taco Brings Back Orange Cream Shake

Following a eight year hiatus, Del Taco brings back the Orange Cream Shake on a limited-time basis for winter 2022.
Dec 22, 2022
Dec 21, 2022

New Cheetos Flamin' Hot Tangy Chili Fusion Coming January 2023

Frito-Lay looks to welcome 2023 with the arrival of new Cheetos Flamin' Hot Tangy Chili Fusion starting in January 2023.

Taco Bell App and Delivery Deals Schedule Through February 1, 2023

Taco Bell reveals their in-app and third-party delivery deal schedule through the February 1, 2023.

Here's are the Taco Bell discounts you can expect to find in the Taco Bell mobile app and through third-party delivery services heading into 2023:

Dec 20, 2022

Review: Entenmann's - Chocolate Delight Cake Truffles

Entenmann's Chocolate Delight Cake Truffles feature chocolate cake truffles covered in a chocolaty coating and finished with a chocolaty drizzle.

Taco Bell Tests New $2 Chicken Poblano Caesar Burrito and More in Charlotte, NC

Taco Bell looks to inject some variety into their current selection of $2 burritos with a test of three $2 Grilled Chicken Burritos, including the $2 Chicken Poblano Caesar Burrito, in the Charlotte, NC area starting December 22, 2022.

Aldi Reveals Seasonal Products for January 2023

Aldi reveals the release schedule for seasonal Aldi Finds for the month of January 2023, which sees a number of items across the board as well as seasonal Valentine's Day products.

Here's what you can expect to find on store shelves at Aldi next month:

Papa Murphy's Adds New Meatballs & Marinara

Papa Murphy's adds new Meatballs & Marinara to the menu to round out their non-pizza offerings, which include breads, salads, and dessert.
Dec 19, 2022

Review: Snickerdoodle Oreo Cookies

Nabisco's Snickerdoodle Oreo Cookies feature two snickerdoodle-flavored wafers sandwiching a layer of cinnamon-flavored creme mixed with green and red sugar crystals.

Popeyes Offers Online Deal Good for Free Chicken Sandwich with Chicken Sandwich Combo Purchase

As a deal to round out the 2022 holiday season, Popeyes offers a special where you can get a free Chicken Sandwich when you buy any Chicken Sandwich combo online through the Popeyes mobile app or website for a limited time through Sunday, January 1, 2023 at participating locations nationwide.

New Steak and Bacon Grilled Cheese Arrives at Sonic

Sonic offers what they're calling an "elevated" take on the grilled cheese sandwich with the arrival of the new, limited-time Steak and Bacon Grilled Cheese, which is available now for Sonic App users and to everyone else starting December 26, 2022. The chain also brings back Pickle Fries for a limited time.

Church's Welcomes 3-Piece Classic Deal Starting at $4.49

Church's Texas Chicken welcomes the 3-Piece Classic as their latest meal deal starting Thursday, December 22, 2022 at participating locations, while supplies last.

Papa John's Launches New Oreo Cookie Papa Bites and More

Papa John's teams up with Oreo to launch new Oreo Cookie Papa Bites as a sweet, shareable side to serve alongside their pizza. On the savory side, they also add new Chicken Parmesan Papa Bites and new Jalapeno Papa Bites to make up the new Papa Bites menu. Papa Bites are available to order now for Papa Rewards loyalty members with a wider launch for everyone starting Monday, December 26, 2022.
Dec 18, 2022

Crumbl Bakes New Eggnog Cookies and More Through December 24, 2022

Crumbl bakes new Eggnog Cookies for a Christmas theme ahead of the holiday. As usual, they also offer a number of other limited-time cookie varieties for this week's selection.

Here's what you'll find on Crumbl's cookie menu for the week ending December 24, 2022:

Taco Bell Tests New Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza in Oklahoma City

Taco Bell is set to test the new Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza in the Oklahoma City, OH area starting Thursday, December 22, 2022 for a limited time at participating locations.
Dec 17, 2022

KFC Canada Gets Gravy Lovers Sandwich Featuring a Hash Brown "Gravy Bowl"

KFC Canada celebrates the 2022 holiday season with the limited-time arrival of the Gravy Lovers Sandwich, which features an indented hashbrown "gravy bowl" that you can fill with an included individual gravy serving.

Taco Bell Announces New Electric Strawberry Freezes

Taco Bell announces new Electric Strawberry Freezes ahead of a national launch starting Thursday, December 22, 2022.
Dec 16, 2022

Review: Mtn Dew Fruit Quake Soda

Mtn Dew Fruit Quake soda features "Dew with a blast of artificial fruitcake flavor." It's a limited-time, festive flavor for the 2022 holiday season.

Taco Bell Reveals New Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito

Taco Bell reveals the new Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito as a new addition at the $2 burritos on the Cravings Value Menu starting Thursday, December 22, 2022.

Burger King Selling Hoodie with Insulated Pockets to Store Your Whopper

Burger King partners with "retro-futuristic chillwear" brand Staycoolnyc to release a limited-edition hoodie that's "designed to keep you and your Whopper (or just about any BK menu item) warm when you’re on the go."

McDonald's Brazil Debuts New McFlurry with "Cat's Tongue" Chocolate Truffles

McDonald's Brazil debuts a new McFlurry mixed with Kopenhagen Cat's Tongue Duo chocolate truffles. Kopenhagen is a popular Brazilian chocolatier while cat tongues are a type of chocolate that come in a cat's tongue-like shape (they don't come in that shape for the new McFlurry however--probably because they're more prone to break apart).

Dunkin' Offers Rewards Members a Free Classic Donut with Any Medium or Larger Drink Purchase Through December 24, 2022

Dunkin' offers a free classic donut with any medium or larger drink purchase to rewards members through December 24, 2022 at participating locations nationwide.
Dec 15, 2022

Review: Trader Joe's - Dark Chocolate-Covered Gingerbread Cookie Folk

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate-Covered Gingerbread Cookie Folk are basically their Chocolate Covered Lebkuchen but without the nuts and spices and with a festive gingerbread folk-type shape.

Taco Bell Tests New Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza in Omaha, NE

Starting December 22, 2022, Taco Bell will be testing a new variant of the Mexican Pizza that they're calling the "Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza" in the Omaha, NE area for a limited time.

A.1. Steakhouse Thickburger and A.1. Double Cheeseburger Back at Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. brings back A.1. Steakhouse Thickburger and A.1. Double Cheeseburger for a limited time for winter 2022.

Hardee's Introduces New "Choose Your Happy" 4 for $6 Deal

Hardee's introduces the new "Choose Your Happy" 4 for $6 deal as a limited-time value menu at participating locations chain-wide.