Apr 30, 2010

Review: Taco Bell - Bean Burrito

Taco Bell's Bean Burrito wrapped
Taco Bell Bean Burritos have been on the menu for as long as I can remember. Back in undergrad, a couple of my friends used to love them (actually, I still think they love them)... especially before a road trip. Cue "Beans, beans, the magical fruit..."

Apr 29, 2010

Review: McDonald's Mocha Frappe

McDonald's Mocha Frappe side view
McDonald's is doing a staggered rollout of their newest McCafe offering, the Frappe, an ice-blended coffee beverage, not unlike Starbucks' Frappuccino, that comes in Mocha and Caramel flavors. It wasn't until recently that my local McDonald's starting serving them and I tried one for myself.

Apr 28, 2010

The Asia Trip: MOS Burger - Spicy MOS Cheeseburger

MOS Burger Taiwan
MOS Burger is a Japanese burger chain popular in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore (It also has locations in Thailand, Indonesia, and until 2005, in Hawaii). The chain was inspired by the Original Tommy's in Los Angeles, CA which explains the similarities between their signature MOS Burger and Tommy's burgers. MOS stands for "Mountain, Ocean, and Sun."

Apr 27, 2010

News: Burger King Launches Whiplash Whopper Nationwide

Leading up to the much anticipated release of Iron Man 2, Burger King today announced the nationwide launch of the Whiplash Whopper, named after the film's villain and marking Burger King's continued sponsorship of the movie franchise (They had a conspicuous placement in the first movie that saw Tony Stark eating a Burger King cheeseburger).

What does the Whiplash Whopper and the villain Whiplash (played by Mickey Rourke) have in common?  According to Burger King, the sandwich "captures the sharp edge of the film’s villain, Whiplash, with an intense, red-hot flavor combination."

The Whiplash Whopper is priced near Steakhouse XT territory with a suggest price of $3.79 and is a Whopper variant with melted Pepper Jack cheese, crispy red peppers, and spicy mayo.

Review: Jack in the Box: New French Fries

Jack in the Box's new fries side view
So after one failed attempt, I managed to try Jack in the Box's new crispier French Fries.  As you can see, they look very McDonald's-like so I decided to get an order of McDonald's fries to compare.
Apr 26, 2010

Review: Burger King - Buck Double

BK Buck Double in wrapper
It seems a bit redundant to review the Burger King Buck Double seeing how I already reviewed the Burger King Double Cheeseburger but I'm doing it anyway, just for the sake of posterity and all that.
Apr 25, 2010

Sunday Funny: Breakfast at McDonald's Philippines

An interesting way to get your morning breakfast on.

What's on the Menu: McDonald's Philippines

In this edition of "What's on the Menu," we take a look at one of the countries where McDonald's delivers: McDonald's Philippines.  That's right, for a flat fee of 40 pesos (about 90 cents), "McDo" (pronounced "mac-do") is delivered to your door in the land of Manny Pacquiao.

Apr 24, 2010

Local Review: Porto's Bakery - Bread Pudding

Portos Bread Pudding - top view
Porto's Bakery is very popular in the southern California area and are famous for their Cheese Rolls and Potato Balls.  However, their bakery display is quite expansive and I decided to try something new in hopes of finding something yummy.  The Bread Pudding looked pretty interesting so I bought one for 95 cents.

Review: Corner Bakery Cafe - Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread

Corner Bakery's Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread with chips and pickle spear
I went to Corner Bakery Cafe and ended up trying the Bavarian Ham on Pretzel Bread which is pretzel bread filled with your choice smoked ham or smoked turkey, shaved red onions, plum tomatoes, caraway Havarti cheese, and stoneground mustard-mayo. The price is $6.79 which included a pickle spear and kettle-cooked chips.

Apr 23, 2010

News: Carvel - Free Ice Cream All Day on April 29, 2010

Free Ice Cream from Carvel
Carvel is tempting customers to try their new Low Fat Ice Cream and Flavor Shotz by offering a free 3.5-ounce cup to anyone who stops by on April 29, 2010.

When: All day, Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where: Participating Carvel ice cream shops nationwide. Shop Locator

Why:  It's free!  Plus their new lowfat ice cream has 75% less fat and 30% fewer calories. You also get your choice of a Flavor Shotz on your ice cream.  Flavor Shotz are flavored syrups and come in 12 flavors, including Acai Berry, Banana, Black Raspberry, Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Mango, Mint, Orange, Peach, Pistachio and Pomegranate.

Details: One serving per customer.

Review: Starbucks - Perfect Oatmeal

The cast of Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal
It's quite a claim to call your breakfast product "perfect" but there you go: Starbucks' Perfect Oatmeal. Perfect Oatmeal features hot oatmeal with your choice of brown sugar, dried fruits, and nuts for $2.49 at my local Starbucks. I wasn't actually offered a choice the guy behind the counter just handed me a bag with a lidded cup of hot oatmeal and a bag of each topping.
Apr 22, 2010

News: Burger King - New Buck Double Sandwich

New BK Buck Double
Burger King today announced the nationwide launch of their Buck Double Sandwich, a new addition to their BK Value Menu that is really just an old mainstay less a slice of cheese.  A replacement for the controversial $1 Double Cheeseburger (controversial because of all the grumbling of franchisees over lost profits), the Buck Double Sandwich features two flame-broiled beef patties, a slice of American cheese, a couple slices of pickle, ketchup, and mustard on a sesame seed bun.

It retails for $1. Surprise I know. Actually the fine print states: "Price and participation may vary. Not available in AK and HI." But it would be weird for a Burger King franchisee to offer a Buck Double Sandwich for more than a buck, no?

P.S. The picture is a mock-up via Burger King's website's "Have it Your Way" burger customization.  I'm pretty sure an actual Buck Double Sandwich will have the cheese slice between the beef patties.  Update: I posted a picture of the actual Buck Double posters.

Review: Burger King - A.1. Steakhouse XT Burger

Burger King A.1. Steakhouse XT Burger in its wrapper
Burger King's Steakhouse XT Burger features a thick 7-ounce flame-broiled beef patty with mayo, crispy onions, A.1. Thick & Hearty Steak Sauce, a slice of American cheese, bits of lettuces, and two slices of tomato. A kingly feast for the kingly sum of $4.79 (Get it? Because it's Burger King! I can feel the eye rolls a-coming).  It does not however get a kingly robe and is wrapped in plain wax paper unbecoming of a premium burger.

Apr 21, 2010

Review: Jack in the Box - Iced Kona Classic Coffee

Jack in the Box Kona Classic Coffee
Jack and the Box's new Iced Kona Classic Coffee is a slightly sweetened blend of Kona Classic coffee and 2% milk, served over ice. It is available in regular, vanilla, and caramel flavors and is $1.99 for a 24-ounce cup.

The Asia Trip: 7-Eleven Taiwan

7-Eleven Taiwan at Taipei Main Station
While I was in Taiwan, I came across many a 7-Eleven so I thought I'd point out some interesting differences in the food served there.

Apr 20, 2010

News: Jack in the Box - New Kona Classic Coffee

Jack in the Box restaurants are now serving a new premium blend of coffee made with real Kona coffee beans from Hawaii. The new Kona Classic coffee blend replaces Jack in the Box's old coffee and is used for both hot and iced coffees.

Kona Classic is available at participating Jack in the Box restaurants for a suggested price of $1.39 and $1.59 for regular and large hot coffees, respectively, and $1.99 for a 24-ounce iced coffee. The iced coffees are available in regular, vanilla, and caramel flavors.

Kona Classic is not offered in Hawaii which continues to serve a different blend of Kona coffee produced by local vendor Hawaiian Paradise Coffee.

News: Haagen-Daz Celebrates Free Flavor Day on May, 18, 2010

Haagen Daz Free Flavor Day
Super premium ice cream maker Haagen-Daz is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with its annual Free Flavor Day.

When: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 from 4pm to 8pm

Where: Any participating Haagen-Dazs Shop in the U.S. Shop Locator

Why: You want to help wish Haagen-Daz a "Happy Birthday" and stuff your face with a free scoop of either Chocolate, Coffee, or Vanilla ice cream.

Review: Taco Bell - Salsa Roja Tortada

Taco Bell Salsa Roja Tortada
One of two Taco Bell non-sandwich limited-time menu items (along with the Bacon Ranch Tortada), the Salsa Roja Tortada features southwest-marinated chicken breast (seasoned with garlic powder, "spices," chili pepper, and paprika among other things), shredded lettuce, a blend of three cheeses (mozzarella, pepper jack, and Cheddar), Fiesta Salsa (tomatoes, onions, and cilantro), and salsa rojas (a spicy red sauce) for $3.29.

Apr 19, 2010

News: Burger King Testing Brunch

Burger King is currently testing more breakfast offerings under the guise of "brunch." Burger Business reports that, in addition to their normal breakfast menu, Burger King is offering Mimosas (Relax, it's non-alcoholic... What?!), the BK Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich, and the Whopper (yes, it's the Whopper, but for breakfast!) during breakfast time.

Brunch is being offered in select markets in Massachusetts, Florida, and western Canada.  The Mimosa is a blend of orange juice, Sprite, and ice while the BK Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich is a ciabatta sandwich with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, cheese, ham, bacon, and a smoky tomato sauce.

Burger King is also testing other breakfast items elsewhere. According to the Birmingham Business Journal, Burger King is testing pancake and scrambled egg platters (similar to the Big and Deluxe Breakfast by McDonald's), mini blueberry muffins, and the same ciabatta breakfast sandwich in the Birmingham area.

News: Hardee's Introduces Loaded Biscuit 'N' Gravy

Hardee's Loaded Biscuit 'N' Gravy
Carl's Jr eastern counterpart, Hardee's, is also pouring gravy onto its breakfast with the Loaded Biscuit 'N' Gravy. The Loaded Biscuit 'N' Gravy is a Hardee's Biscuit 'N' Gravy smothered in sausage gravy. Specifically, it consists of two folded scrambled eggs and two sausage patties open-faced on a fresh-baked buttermilk biscuit topped with sausage gravy.

It is available at participating Hardee’s restaurants for $2.99 or in a small combo for $4.69 (hash rounds and a beverage). Prices may vary with location.

Review: Domino's - New Pizza

Domino's new pizza
So I finally tried Domino's Pizza's new pizza and have to say that I wasn't impressed and the sister-in-law was even less so. I ordered a large pepperoni with extra cheese for the promotional price of $5.99 carryout.
Apr 18, 2010

Sunday Funny: From McDonald's Egypt

A funny McDonald's Egypt commercial to the tune of Meatloaf's hit ballad I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That).  I think you can see where this is going.

What's on the Menu: McDonald's Turkey

This edition of What's on the Menu takes us to McDonald's Turkey where we take a look at some of the dishes localized to suit the Turkish palate in additional to some of the more interesting variants not available here in the U.S.
First up, the Kofteburger which features a Turkish-spiced minced beef patty with a toasted special bun with what appears to be dried parsley on top, filled with ketchup, onions, lettuce, and  yogurt sauce.

Apr 17, 2010

Review: The Hat - Chili Cheese Fries

The Hat's Chili Cheese Fries
One of my favorite things to eat at The Hat are the Chili Cheese Fries which features a thick paper serving tray filled with a freshly-fried batch of French fries, generously covered with shredded Cheddar cheese, and then smothered in the Hat's delicious all-meat chili.  One order is enough for at least two people and costs $4.79 for just Chili Fries.  The cheese is an extra 50 cents.  Tomatoes and pickles is also an optional topping for 20 cents.  A total of $5.49 plus tax.

Apr 16, 2010

Review: Jack in the Box - Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

Jack in the Box Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit top view
Currently, at a promo price of two for $3, Jack in the Box's Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit features a buttermilk biscuit with a fried egg, a slice of American cheese, and a sausage patty.

Apr 15, 2010

Review: Carl's Jr. - Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Shake

Carl's Jr's Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Shake
Carl's Jr.'s Banana Chocolate Chip Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake features banana cream syrup, milk, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chip flakes topped with whipped topping (i.e. not actual cream). You can choose whether to get it with malt powder.

It costs $3.19 for a 16-ounce cup but there's $1 off coupon available off of the Carl's Jr. website.  Note: the suggested retail price is $2.89 so the Banana Chocolate Chip Shake might be cheaper at your local Carl's Jr.

Apr 14, 2010

The Asia Trip: McDonald's Taiwan - Spicy Chicken Filet Burger

McDonald's Taiwan Spicy Chicken Filet Burger box
The Spicy Chicken Filet Burger at McDonald's Taiwan is a variant of your standard McChicken but adapted for Taiwanese tastes.  It is also sold by McDonald's China.  It's also about twice the price of a McChicken at approximately $2.

Review: KFC - Double Down Part Deux - The Fix

Here's part two of my KFC Double Down Sandwich review AKA the Fix.  I recommend it to anyone who, like myself, finds the Double Down too salty to enjoy.  It's all the goodness of the Double Down but with less saltiness (but, sorry to say, not less actual salt).
Apr 13, 2010

Review: KFC - Double Down Sandwich

With all the media coverage, everyone and their mom, their dad, and their extended family and friends, now knows that the KFC Double Down Sandwich is two boneless Original Recipe or Grilled Filets sandwiching two strips of bacon, a slice of pepper jack cheese, a slice of Monterey Jack cheese, and a squirt squeeze of the Colonel's Sauce.  The price tag on this almost all-meat monster is $4.99.
Apr 12, 2010

News: Free Food at Southern California Chick-fil-As This Week

Chick-fil-A Southern California Snack Attack! Giveaway
Participating Southern California Chick-fil-A restaurants are giving a free snack item every weekday this week from Monday, April 12th to Friday, April 16th, from 2 pm to 5 pm.  The items being given out each day are as follows:
  • Monday, April 12, 2010 - Free Chick-n-Strips (3-count)
  • Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - Free Small Chick-fil-A Waffle Potato Fries
  • Wednesday, April, 14, 2010 - Free Yogurt Parfait
  • Thursday, April 15, 2010 - Free Chick-fil-A Nuggets (8-count)
  • Friday, April 16, 2010 - Free Fudge Nut Brownie
Details: No coupon necessary.  Only at participating Southern California Chick-fil-A restaurants.  One item per person per visit.

Chick-fil-A Restaurant Locator

News: Jack in the Box adds the Grilled Breakfast Sandwich

A natural extension of their Grilled Sandwiches line, Jack in the Box is adding the Grilled Breakfast Sandwich to its menu.

The Grilled Breakfast Sandwich features two fried eggs and two slices each of American cheese, ham and bacon nestled between two sliced of artisan bread.

The Grilled Breakfast Sandwich is available at participating Jack in the Box restaurants for a suggested retail price of $2.99. Interestingly enough, the sandwich is not available in San Diego where Jack in the Box is headquartered (It is also not available in Seattle, Yakima, Boise, Twin Falls, Austin, Beaumont/Pt. Arthur, Lake Charles, and Waco.)

News: Starbucks Offering Free Brewed Coffee to Tumbler Users on April 15, 2010

Starbucks Tumbler
If you bring in your reusable traveler's mug or tumbler to a participating Starbucks on April 15, 2010 (i.e. "Tax Day"), they're offering to fill it for free with brewed coffee. The environmentally-friendly freebie is to encourage Starbuck's customers to stop using paper cups. I wonder if they'll still give you free brewed coffee if you brought in the mother of all tumblers...

Note: Starbucks has offered a discount for customers who brought in their own tumblers or mugs since 1985, which makes sense since they'd save on cup costs.

The company has a stated goal to ensure all of its cups are recyclable or reusable by 2015.

News: Boston Market Reveals New Sauces

Starting today, Boston Market unveiled five new sauces that can be added for free when you order their rotisserie chicken much like you can get sauces for your Chicken McNuggets or chicken strips although I imagine a wee bit fancier.  The five sauces come in different levels of heat ranging from "Mild" to "Medium Hot."

The five sauces are described by Boston Market as follows and present quite a bit of variety:
  • Island Mojo - A Caribbean-inspired sauce with garlic, citrus and extra virgin olive oil. (Mild)
  • Zesty Barbecue - Our signature BBQ sauce with molasses, brown sugar and pit spices mixed to create a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. (Mild)
  • Sweet Thai Chili Garlic - A traditional Thai dip with chilies, rice wine vinegar and sugar. (Medium Hot)
  • Frank’s Sweet Heat - A popular Red Hot Wing sauce featuring aged cayenne, red peppers, tomatoes, honey and molasses. (Medium)
  • Honey Habañero - A mix of one of the world’s hottest peppers with some sweetness and a little southwestern kick. (Medium Hot)

News: Jamba Juice - Buy One, Get One Free Until April 25, 2010

Jamba Juice is celebrating 20 years of business, by offering a "Buy One, Get One Free" coupon for any of their drinks.  The offer is valid for roughly about two weeks from today, Monday, April, 12, 2010 until Sunday, April 25, 2010. You do need to print out a coupon from their site here to take advantage of the offer.

Details: Drinks include both hot and cold beverages.  Free Drink is of equal or lesser value.

Jamba Juice Store Locator

Review: Panda Express - Chow Mein

Panda Express Chow Mein
Panda Express offers four different "sides" as part of their entrees: rice (steamed or fried), mixed veggies, and chow mein.  Out of the three, I usually get the chow mein because I think they do a good job of it and it's the hardest of the three for me to make at home.  Panda Express' Chow Mein features whole grain noodles sauteed in a wok with shredded onion, celery, cabbage, and bean sprouts.  It's prices at $2 a la carte or $5.99 as part of a 2-entrée meal.

Apr 11, 2010

News: Jack in the Box - Free Fry Day on April 16, 2010

Jack in the Box Free Fry Day
It's Free Fry Day on Friday!  (Pun, I know.)  Jack in the Box is giving away a free order of their small new fries on Friday, April 16, 2010.  Details and video after the jump.

Review: Burger King - BK Breakfast Muffin

BK Breakfast Muffin from the top
While the name might bring to mind a small cake, Burger King's BK Breakfast Muffin is actually an English muffin sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheese and a blatant copy of McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with Egg. It's a recent addition to BK's Breakfast menu along with the BK Breakfast Bowl and retails for a tidy $1.

News: Arby's $1 Value Menu Now Nationwide

Just in case, you're not near one of the roughly 2,500 Arby's that were testing their $1 Value Menu, the Value Menu is now available at all 3,700 Arby's nationwide.

The items on the menu are as follows: value-sized shake, drink, and fries, Jr. Chicken Sandwich, Jr. Roast Beef, Apple or Cherry Turnover, and Jr. Ham & Cheddar Melt.

Arby's says they'll periodically update the menu with seasonal favorites and other signature items. Stay tuned and Brand Eating will be sure to keep you updated on changes.

Prices start at $1 and may vary by location.

Sunday Funny: From KFC Korea

Yes, singular! I suppose it's more cute than funny. It does show quite a few KFC Korea menu items though. There are no words, just music.

Apr 10, 2010

Review: Taco Bell - Cherry Limeade Sparkler

Taco Bell's Cherry Limeade Sparkler
Taco Bell's Cherry Limeade Sparkler along with the Tortada is new to the menu.  It features a blend of Sierra Mist lemon-lime soda, lime juice concentrate, sugar, and natural cherry flavor served over ice with a lime wedge thrown in for good measure.  It is also available in sans natural cherry flavor as a Classic Limeade Sparkler and is priced at $1.69 for 16 ounces and $1.99 for 20 ounces.
Apr 9, 2010

Review: Taco Bell - Bacon Ranch Tortada

Taco Bell's Bacon Ranch Tortada out of the bag
The Bacon Ranch Tortada is one of the latest limited-time items at Taco Bell.  It's a cross between a torta (sandwich) and a tostada hence the name "Tortada."  The Bacon Ranch Tortada is basically a panini-pressed flour tortilla folded into a square filled with pieces of marinated chicken breast with rib meat, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, diced bacon, and an avocado ranch sauce.  It's priced at $3.29 which puts it at the upper end of Taco Bell's menu.

Review: The Flame Broiler - Super Works Plate

The Flame Broiler Super Works Plate
The Flame Broiler is styled as "a healthy choice" and features a short menu of Korean-styled plates with a combination of meat, rice, and vegetables.  They boast no msg, no skin, no frying, and no trans fats.  You can also substitute white meat chicken for $1.50 and can choose brown rice instead of white for no charge.  A friend and I shared a Super Works plate which had everything on the menu and is good for sharing. It costs $8.99.

News: New at Taco Bell - Tortadas and Limeade Sparklers

Taco Bell Bacon Ranch Tortada
Taco Bell introduced two items today: Tortadas and Limeade Sparklers.

The name "Tortada" appears to be a combination of "torta" and "tostada." Tortadas are available in two varieties: Bacon Ranch and Salsa Roja.  They are priced at $3.29 at my local Taco Bell (price may vary with location).

Apr 8, 2010

Review: Burger King - BK Breakfast Bowl

BK Breakfast Bowl with Lid On
One of the new items on Burger King's breakfast menu, the BK Breakfast Bowl features a smörgåsbord of your typical breakfast items in a bowl.  Specifically, it contains bits of roasted southwestern potatoes, grilled onions and peppers, scrambled eggs and sausage topped with a blend of three cheeses and a smoky cheese sauce in a black plastic bowl.  The clear plastic lid resembles a large checker piece, with the large crown on it and all.

Apr 7, 2010

Around the World: Burger King Philippines Offers Free Shoe Shines

Burger King Philippines offers free shoe shining at selected outlets.

I like the tag: "Black Shoes? High Heels? No Heels? We shine 'em your way."

 I guess it's an interesting way to get people in the door in urban areas with heavy foot traffic.  I wonder if they run this promotion in any other countries.

What if you were wearing sneakers?  Would you still get a shoe shine?  Can you even shine sneakers?  Only if they're leather I suppose.

The Asia Trip: McDonald's Taiwan - Chicken McCrispy

Ordering at McDonald's Taiwan
I went to McDonald's Taiwan inside the Taipei Zoo, the largest zoo in Asia, and roughly about $2 for admittance (which has to make it one of the cheapest ways to spend a day in Taiwan).  While there, I tried the Chicken McCrispy, a value item menu for about $1 if I remember correctly.

Apr 6, 2010

Video: Burger King's BK Breakfast Muffin Ad

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's Burger King's TV ad promoting the new BK Breakfast Muffin:

Review: Wendy's French Fries

Wendy's French Fries
Wendy's French Fries are sliced a bit thicker than McDonald's and don't have the same beef flavoring. For 99 cents, you get the value-sized fries which is a little bit smaller than a small but still fine for snacking.  The small (shown above) costs $1.29.

Apr 5, 2010

News: Hugh Jackman Dances for Lipton

Hugh Jackman is the new face of Lipton worldwide and kicks off a global campaign with a commercial entitled "Tokyo Dancing Hotel." You can check out the 1.5-minute snazzy dance number here:

News: Check out KFC's Double Down "Sandwich" Ad

As you all know by now, KFC's Double Down Sandwich(?!) is unleashed (you know, because it's a monstrosity) on Monday, April 12, 2010 but you can check out the accompanying 30-second spot now:

News: Domino's Pizza New Pizza Holdout Ad Campaign

Dominos is continuing its documentary-style ad campaign which started with the story behind redesign of their pizza focusing on lackluster consumer feedback.

The follow up to that campaign is Pizza Holdouts which uses the same documentary-style type ads to follow their over-the-top efforts to get three people who hadn't yet tried their new pizza to try it.

The full video centering the campaign is a little over 4 minutes and you can check it out after the jump.

News: Dunkin' Donuts Serves New Bagel Twists

Dunkin Donut's New Bagel Twist style=

Today, Dunkin Donuts unveiled their new Bagel Twists.  It's a cross between the twist donut and a bagel.  The shape is purported to make the bagel easier to eat when you're on-the-go.

Their exact words were: "The new Bagel Twists feature Dunkin' Donuts' famous bagels, twisted into a more portable, easy-to-eat shape, perfect for busy people on-the-go seeking a delicious snack to keep them running throughout their day."   I can't say I've ever had trouble eating a bagel while walking though but maybe I'm just talented.

Review: Burger King - Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT

Burger King Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT top view
Burger King's Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT burger is a limited time item and part of Burger King's recent premium Steakhouse XT line which go head-to-head with similar premium offerings in McDonald's Angus Burgers and Jack in the Box's Sirloin Burgers. The Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT (The XT stands for Xtra Thick) features a flame-broiled, almost-half-pound beef patty (7 ounces), barbecue sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes, four strips of bacon, and two slices of Cheddar cheese on a special cornmeal-dusted bun for $4.49.

Apr 4, 2010

News: Cinnabon Giving Free Mini Cupcakes on Tax Day - April 15, 2010

Cinnabon Free Cupcakes on Tax Day
Attention mall-goers! Cinnabon is giving away two bite-sized cupcakes to celebrate Tax Day. You can choose from chocolate-, vanilla-, carrot-, and Cinnabon-flavored mini-cupcakes.

Local Review: Louis Burgers - Torrance, CA

Louis Burger Marquee
Louis Burgers is a random burger joint that I stopped by one day for lunch on a rare occasion when I happened to be in Torrance.  The restaurant offers a full fast food menu ranging from pancakes, sandwiches, and omelettes for breakfast and hot dogs, burgers, salads, and Mexican food for later in the day.  Basically, they have enough variety to please everyone.