Nov 29, 2018

Subway Bakes New Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Subway is baking new, limited-time Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies for the 2018 holiday season at participating locations.

Burger King Throwing in Flame-Grilled "Dogpper" Doggy Bone Treat with DoorDash Delivery Orders

Perhaps struck by the idea of literally throwing your dog a bone, Burger King is offering a free Dogpper flame-grilled-flavored, bone-shaped dog treat exclusively through DoorDash delivery service when you order a Whopper.

Holiday Pies Return at Select McDonald's for the 2018 Holiday Season

McDonald's Holiday Pie finds itself back on the menu at select locations for the 2018 holiday season.

Church's Chicken Offers New $15 Family and $5 Platter "Holi-Deals"

Offering value pricing for the holiday season, Church's Chicken offers up new, limited-time Holi-Deals.

Nov 28, 2018

McDonald's Launches New Mushroom & Swiss Signature Crafted Burgers and Chicken Sandwiches

McDonald's introduces new Mushroom & Swiss Signature Crafted burgers and chicken sandwiches at participating restaurants nationwide.

Steak 'n Shake Whips Up New White Chocolate Oreo Shake for 2018 Holiday Season

Steak 'n Shake adds the new White Chocolate Oreo Shake as part of their seasonal holiday menu for this year.

McDonald's Headquarter's 2018 International Winter Menu Includes the McAloo Tikki

McDonald's 2018 winter rotation of the international menu at their headquarter restaurant in Chicago features menu items from India, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong, including the McAloo Tikki, a vegetarian burger that features a potato croquette-like patty.

New Strawberry Rice Krispies Coming January 2019

New strawberry-flavored Rice Krispies cereal is set to arrive on store shelves nationwide starting January 2019.

2018 BrandEating Holiday Gift Ideas

Photo via Kidrobot.
In case you're having trouble selecting gifts for Christmas this year, I've put together a list of some spiffy holiday gift ideas that might work if you don't mind a food theme.

Here goes (starting with the most affordable items and moving up):

Nov 27, 2018

Wendy's Introduces New Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich

The newest item on the Wendy's menu is the limited time Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich.

Starbucks Bolsters Holiday Drink Selection with New Juniper Latte

Starbucks rounds out their 2018 holiday drink menu with a late addition: the new Juniper Latte.

Krispy Kreme Reveals 2018 Holiday Donuts

Krispy Kreme reveals 2018's holiday donut selection which includes the new Ugly Sweater Donut and is available now at participating shops in the US and Canada.

Pilot Flying J Offers New Cinnabon French Toast Sausage Bites

Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers offers up new Cinnamon French Toast Sausage Bites as a breakfast/snack item.

Sonic Debuts New Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger

Sonic debuts the new Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger for a limited time at participating locations.

Nov 26, 2018

Review: Arby's - Arbynator

Arby's Arbynator features the chain's signature thin-sliced roast beef, curly fries, cheddar sauce, Arby's sauce, and Horsey sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Sonic Adds New Fritos Chili Pie and Other Fritos Chili Cheese Options

Sonic adds new Fritos Chili Pie to the menu for a limited time as well as two other Fritos Chili Cheese options: the Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Burger and Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. 

50 Percent Off Pizza Deal at Domino's Through December 2, 2018

Domino's kicks off Cyber Monday with a deal good for 50 percent off all menu-priced pizzas ordered online through December 2, 2018.

Dunkin' Reveals New Holiday Spice Bacon Breakfast Sandwich as Part of 2018 Holiday Menu

Dunkin' welcomes the holiday season with a number of seasonal menu items including the new Holiday Spice Bacon Breakfast Sandwich featuring a double portion of bacon spiced with brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Sriracha Lime Spicy Green Beans Return to The Habit

Sriracha Lime Spicy Green Beans are back at The Habit for a limited time through December 24, 2018.

Nov 25, 2018

Taco John's Brings Back Nachos Navidad for the 2018 Holiday Season

Taco John's brings back festive Nachos Navidad and Apple Grande for a limited time this holiday season. They also introduce new Loaded Nachos.

Nov 24, 2018

Taco Bell Tests Blue Corn Taco Shell with New Midnight Melt Taco in Minneapolis

Taco Bell tests a new, cheesier take on the taco featuring a freshly-fried blue corn tortilla shell lined along the bottom with a layer of melted 3-cheese blend. They're calling it the "Midnight Melt Taco" and available in the Minneapolis area through late December 2018.

Nov 23, 2018
Nov 22, 2018

2018 Restaurant Holiday Gift Card Bonuses, Specials, and Deals

With the 2018 holiday season in full swing, many-a-restaurant is offering an extra bonus, deal, or freebie when you buy a gift card from them. I've complied a list of the bonuses for your reference.

Nov 21, 2018

Review: Trader Joe's - Turkey and Stuffing En Croute

Trader Joe's Turkey and Stuffing En Croute features a turkey tenderloin wrapped in cornbread stuffing and puff pastry dough. It's basically the turkey version of beef wellington. "En croute" basically means "wrapped in a pastry crust and baked."

Taco Bell Tests New Triplelupa in Orange County

Taco Bell tests three interconnected mini Chalupas that they're calling the "Triplelupa" over in Orange County here in Southern California.

Red Lobster Unveils New "Create Your Own Ultimate Feast" Menu

Red Lobster adds options to their signature Ultimate Feast platter this holiday season with the new, limited-time Create Your Own Ultimate Feast menu.

Shake Shack Blends New Holiday Shakes for 2018

Shake Shack gets festive with the introduction of a new trio of holiday shakes.

Nov 20, 2018

Review: Trader Joe's - Cinnamon Croissant Loaf

Trader Joe's Cinnamon Croissant Loaf is described on the bag as a "fusion born of two favorites: croissants and cinnamon swirl bread." It comes pre-sliced and is recommended for toast, French toast, or a sandwich.

Rolled Chicken Tacos Return to Taco Bell Starting November 21, 2018

Rolled Chicken Tacos are set to return to Taco Bell for the fourth time starting this Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

Olive Garden Introduces New Oven Baked Pastas

Olive Garden whips up new Oven Baked Pastas for a limited time this holiday season.

Arby's Tests Beer Can Chicken Sandwich in Minnesota

Arby's has been spotted testing the new Beer Can Chicken sandwich in at least a few locations in Minnesota.

Nov 19, 2018

Review: Krispy Kreme - Cinnamon Swirl Donut

Krispy Kreme's Cinnamon Swirl Donut features a yeast ring donut rolled in cinnamon-sugar and topped with a swirl of cream cheese icing and cinnamon roll filling.

Jack in the Box Brings Back $4.99 BLT Cheeseburger Combo

An updated "new" BLT Cheeseburger finds its way back on the Jack in the Box menu for a limited time and is featured in the $4.99 BLT Cheeseburger Combo.

Nov 18, 2018

Oreo Music Box That "Plays" Oreos Arrives for 2018 Christmas Gifting

For those looking for an interesting gift for the Oreo fan in their lives, the brand is offering the Oreo Music Box this holiday season at

Nov 17, 2018

Kellogg's New "Hi! Happy Inside" Cereal Offers Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Fiber

Citing that "92 percent of adult Americans rate maintaining digestive health as important to their overall health," Kellogg's launches new Hi! Happy Inside cereal aimed at delivering prebiotics, probiotics, and fiber for "digestive wellness support."

Nov 16, 2018

Review: General Mills - Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites

General Mills' Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites are described on the box as "soft donut bites with a sweet cinnamon filling."

The Curly Fry-Filled Arbynator Sandwich is Coming on November 19, 2018

Declaring it to be the chain's most craveable items piled into one sandwich, Arby's is set to launch the new Arbynator for a limited time starting Monday, November 19, 2018.

Peppermint Chocolate Chip Shake Returns to Chick-fil-A

The Peppermint Chocolate Chip Shake makes its annual return to the Chick-fil-A menu for the 2018 holiday season.

Jell-O Releases New Edible Slime

Citing the social media popularity of slime, Jell-O releases new Edible Slime as the newest addition to the Jell-O Play line of edible toys.

Nissin Stocks Online Store with Cup Noodles Beanies and Top Ramen Socks for Holidays

It hasn't been that long since the Nissin online fan store opened but they're already ready for the holidays with a number of new limited-edition holiday merchandise including a Cup Noodles beanie and Top Ramen socks.

Nov 15, 2018

Review: KFC - Chicken and Waffles

KFC's Chicken and Waffles pairs a new liege Belgian waffle with three Extra Crispy chicken tenders (you can also opt for a leg and thigh or breast). A cup of Mrs. Buttersworth's syrup is also included.

Dunkin' Welcomes New Espresso with Several Deals

With Dunkin' revamping their espresso beverages, they're offering a number of deals to encourage people to try the new coffee as they push to "become the destination for the best lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, macchiatos and more."

Here are the upcoming deals and specials for Dunkin's updated espresso (at participating locations):

Tamales Return at El Pollo Loco for the 2018 Holiday Season

The holidays are prime tamale season, which means chicken tamales are back on the menu at El Pollo Loco for a limited time at participating locations.

Nov 14, 2018

Burger King Brings Back 89-Cent Pancakes Deal

Looking to offer breakfast for under a buck, Burger King brings back their 89-cent pancakes deal at participating locations nationwide during breakfast hours.

Available for a limited time, you can get three pancakes with syrup and butter for 89 cents.

McAlister's Deli Launches New Turkey Cranberry Sandwich and Autumn Squash Soup

McAlister's Deli's nod to the fall includes the new Turkey Cranberry Sandwich and Autumn Squash Soup.

Applebee's Brings Back Bigger, Bolder Grill Combos

Bigger, Bolder Grill Combos are back for a limited time at Applebee's.