Brand Eating is a daily fast food (fast casual, quick serve, whatever you want to call it) news, culture, and review blog written with everyday people in mind.

There might be an occasional local fast food review thrown in, but for the most part, I try to keep readers up to date on the newest items coming to market (and how they taste!), the current deals to save you some money, and some of the neater bits of the fast food world, including regular coverage of dishes that some of your favorite brands are offering exclusively abroad.

Brand Eating is run by a staff of exactly one person but, occasionally, I manage to cajole Renee into writing something for me.

Here's a quick guide and links to some of the more notable sections:

News - Just the latest news please!

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Fast Food Reference - Here are useful links to some of the most well-known fast food brands including contact info, menus, and nutritional info.

Current Menu Promotions - Here's where to go if you want to find the latest new menu items, promos, and deals from some of your favorite fast food joints.

Tests - If you're inclined to see what new, and sometimes strange, things are being tested by some of the biggest fast food chains, you'll find it here.

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