Feb 28, 2023

Review: Krispy Kreme - Reese's Remixed Donuts

Krispy Kreme's Reese's Remixed Donuts feature a trio of donuts including the Reese's Salty Sweet Crunch Donut, Reese's Salty Sweet Crisp Donut, and the Reese's Outrageous Donut.

Fish Sandwiches Return to Jack in the Box for 2023 Lenten Season

Fish sandwiches return to the Jack in the Box menu for the 2023 Lenten season and are available in two varieties: the Classic Fish Sandwich and the Deluxe Fish Sandwich.

Donatos Bakes New Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza and Hot Honey Wings

Donatos adds new Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza to the menu as well as new Hot Honey Wings at all 173 traditional restaurant locations (as opposed to Red Robin-Donatos-partner locations) for a limited time.

New Impossible Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Impossible Spicy Chicken Patties, and Impossible Chicken Tenders Appear in Stores

Impossible Foods expands their plant-based, fried "chicken" line with the addition of three new products: Impossible Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Impossible Spicy Chicken Patties, and Impossible Chicken Tenders.

Dunkin' Updates Dunkin' Run Deal with More Options

Dunkin' updates their Dunkin' Run deal, where you originally could get a Classic Donut for $1 with the purchase of any medium or larger coffee, so that there are more options to choose from.

The updated (but still limited-time) Dunkin' Run special now lets you choose from one of three options:

McDonald's France Rolls Out New, Reusable Tableware for Dining In

McDonald's France roll outs new, reusable tableware for dining-in, including a reusable fry container that resembles their signature red fry holder.
Feb 27, 2023

Jack in the Box Brings Back Classic and Spicy Popcorn Chicken

Jack in the Box brings back Classic and Spicy Popcorn Chicken for a limited time heading into spring 2023.

Cheesecake Factory Offers Free Slice of Cheesecake with Online Order of $45 or More Through March 3, 2023

The Cheesecake Factory celebrates 45 years of business by offering a free slice of any cheesecake when you spend $45 or more when ordering online through Friday, March 3, 2023 at participating locations in the US.

The Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich Back at Wendy's for 2023 Lenten Season

The Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich makes a limited-time return to the Wendy's menu for the 2023 Lenten season.

Kraft Heinz Partners with Ed Sheeran to Produce New Tingly Ted's Hot Sauce

The Kraft Heinz Company joins forces with musician Ed Sheeran to create new Tingly Ted’s brand hot sauce as "the ultimate" hot sauce. Ted is a childhood nickname of the musician.

Jimmy John's Launches New Caprese Salami Pesto Sandwich

Jimmy John's readies for spring with the launch of the new Caprese Salami Pesto Sandwich.
Feb 26, 2023

Crumbl Bakes New Maple Bacon Cookies and More Through March 4, 2023

Crumbl bakes new Maple Bacon Cookies and more for their limited-time cookie menu for the week ending March 4, 2023.

Here's the full line-up of cookies at Crumbl this week:

Dunkin' Introduces New Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew and More

Dunkin' introduces the new Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew and more to welcome spring 2023.
Feb 25, 2023

Free Buttermilk Pancakes at IHOP on February 28, 2023

IHOP celebrates National Pancake Day, on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, by offering a free Short Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes to dine-in guests from 7AM to 7PM at participating locations nationwide.

MorningStar Farms Releases New Pringles-Flavored Chik'n Fries

MorningStar Farms partners with Pringles to release new, plant-based Chik'n Fries in two flavors: Pringles Original and Pringles Scorchin' Cheddar Cheeze.
Feb 24, 2023

Review: Aldi - Mama Cozzi's Meatball Calzone

Aldi's Mama Cozzi's Meatball Calzone features "meatball, mozzarella, ricotta, Romano, and provolone cheese filling topped with Romano in a golden pocket.

Panko-Breaded Fish Sandwich Returns to Carl's Jr. and Hardee's

The Panko-Breaded Fish Sandwich makes its annual return to Carl's Jr. and Hardee's for the 2023 Lenten season.

Ben & Jerry's Churns Out New "Churray for Churros" Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's churns out new "Churray for Churros" as their first churro-inspired ice cream flavor.

Jack in the Box Blends New Mint Mobile Shake

Jack in the Box blends the "new" Mint Mobile Shake as a limited-time shake flavor offered in partnership with Mint Mobile cellular service (which is probably best known for being owned by actor Ryan Reynolds).

Red Robin Serves Up New Five Star Flavors Menu

Red Robin looks to offer "rich, indulgent ingredients like truffle, porcini, and black garlic" with a "Red Robin twist" in introducing their new, limited-time Five Star Flavors menu at participating locations chain-wide.

Red Robin's Five Star Flavors menu including the following options:

Whatacatch Makes Return to Whataburger for 2023 Lenten Season

The Whatacatch fish sandwich makes a limited time return to the Whataburger menu for the 2023 Lenten season. You can also find fish on the menu as part of the limited-time Whatacatch Platter.
Feb 23, 2023

New Apple Jacks Pop-Tarts Arriving March 2023

Kellogg's combines two of their brands, Apple Jacks and Pop-Tarts, in new Apple Jacks Frosted Apple Cinnamon Flavor Pop-Tarts, which are set to arrive starting March 2023.

New Hostess Kazbars are Candy-Bar-Inspired Snack Cakes

Hostess launches new Kazbars as candy-bar-inspired snack cakes that sees two layers of chocolate cake sandwiching layers of creme, candy crunch, and either caramel or chocolate fudge.

El Pollo Loco Adds New Double Shredded Beef Tostada Salad

El Pollo Loco adds the new Double Shredded Beef Tostada Salad to join the Double Chicken Tostada Salad on the menu for a limited time.

KFC Offers 8-Piece Bucket of Fried Chicken for $10 in Online Deal

KFC offers an online-only deal where you can get an 8-piece bucket of fried chicken for $10 when ordering through their website or mobile app.

Starbucks New Oleato Combines Coffee and Olive Oil

Starbucks combines a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil with their coffee for their new Oleato beverage menu., which is available now in Italy but will arrive in Southern California this spring.
Feb 22, 2023

Review: Pizza Hut - Double Pepperoni Big New Yorker Pizza

Pizza Hut's Double Pepperoni Big New York pizza features a 16" (extra-large) pizza cut into six over-sized, foldable slices topped with regular pepperoni, crispy cup pepperoni, and Parmesan oregano seasoning on top. It comes topped with sweet tomato sauce rather than the chain's traditional marinara.

Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich Returns to Smashburger for 2023 Lenten Season

The Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich returns to Smashburger for a limited time this Lenten season. It's accompanied by a buy-one-get-one-free deal on every Friday from March 3 through April 7, 2023.

Red Lobster Debuts New Frozen Seafood Dishes

Red Lobster debuts their first-ever line of supermarket frozen dishes inspired by Red Lobster restaurant dishes.

The Red Lobster frozen seafood product line-up includes:

Frankford Candy Releases 2023 Easter Products

Frankford Candy releases new and returning candy products for the 2023 Easter season.

New Frankford Candy products for the 2023 Easter season include:

Checkers and Rally's Bring Back Bacon Swiss Buford

Checkers and Rally's bring back the Bacon Swiss Buford burger for a limited time at participating locations.

BurgerFi Welcomes New BBQ Rodeo Burger

Fast-casual burger chain BurgerFi welcomes the new BBQ Rodeo Burger as their first new product launch of 2023.
Feb 21, 2023

Chipotle Tests New Farmesa Concept in Santa Monica Ghost Kitchen

Chipotle tests a new, fresh-bowl restaurant concept called "Farmesa" from a ghost kitchen in Santa Monica, CA.

Post's New Sweet Dreams Cereal is Meant to Help You Sleep at Night

While cereal is often times geared towards a morning breakfast routine, Post changes it up by releasing new Sweet Cream cereal, which is meant to help you get to sleep at night.

The tagline on the box states, "part of a healthy sleep routine."

Sonic Unveils New BBQ Chip Seasoned Tots

Sonic reveals new, limited-time BBQ Chip Seasoned Tots as a variant of their classic tater tots that's set to arrive at Sonic locations nationwide starting Monday, February 27, 2023. However, Sonic app users can get the new Tots now.

Del Taco Launches New Buttery Garlic Parmesan Fries and Brings Back Crispy Jumbo Shrimp

Del Taco launches new Buttery Garlic Parmesan Fries as a limited-time offering featuring new Buttery Garlic Parmesan sauce. The new sauce and topped fries are joined by the return of Crispy Jumbo Shrimp for the 2023 Lenten season.

New Hi-Chew Bites Arrive

New Hi-Chew Bites arrive as a smaller, unwrapped version of the "immensely fruity, intensely chewy candy."
Feb 20, 2023

Review: Post - Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles Crunch'd Cereals

Post's Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles Crunch'd cereals come in a new, bigger "rockstar" shape versus regular Pebbles cereal and are meant to be crunchier.

Krispy Kreme Rolls Out New Reese's Remix Donuts

Krispy Kreme once again partners with Reese's to release new Reese's Remix Donuts, which feature a trio of salty-sweet donuts inspired by Reese's Big Cup Stuffed with Potato Chips, Reese's Big Cup Stuffed with Pretzels, and Reese's Outrageous candy bars.

Available now for a limited time at participating shops across the US through Wednesday, March 8, 2023, here's what you can expect from Krispy Kreme's Reese's Remix Donuts:

See's Candies Introduces New Irish Cream Chocolates

See's Candies introduces new Irish Cream chocolates to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day. They've also brought back the St. Patrick's Day Potato alongside the rest of their 2023 St. Patrick's Day products.

KFC Testing New Ultimate BBQ Sandwich and Spicy Slaw Sandwich in Tampa, FL

KFC is testing two new crispy chicken sandwiches--the Ultimate BBQ Sandwich and the Spicy Slaw Sandwich--for a limited time at participating locations in the Tampa, FL area.

Northwoods Walleye Returns to Culver's for 2023 Lenten Season

Northwoods Walleye fish makes its annual return to Culver's for the 2023 Lenten season. It can be ordered as part of the Northwoods Walleye Sandwich as well as the Northwoods Walleye Dinner.

Wienerschnitzel Brings Back Three Oreo Cookie Shake Flavors

Wienerschnitzel expands selection of Oreo shakes for a limited time by bringing back the Strawberry Oreo Cookie Shake, Coffee Oreo Cookie Shake, and Mint Oreo Cookie Shake.
Feb 19, 2023

Crumbl Bakes New Neapolitan Cookies and More Through February 25, 2023

Crumbl bakes new Neapolitan Cookies and more for their limited-time cookie line-up for the week ending February 25, 2023.

Here's the cookie menu at Crumbl Cookies for this week:

Reese's Pieces Come with Various Centers in Canada

While Reese's Pieces only come with peanut butter inside here in the US, over in Canada, you can get Reese's Pieces with various centers/flavors in a similar fashion to M&M's.
Feb 18, 2023

Jeni's Partners with Ted Lasso for "New Biscuits With The Boss" Ice Cream

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams and Apple TV show Ted Lasso partner up for new "Biscuits with the Boss" ice cream, which arrives on March 2, 2023 and helps celebrate the third season of the show, which starts on March 15, 2023.

Smashburger Welcomes New S'mac & Cheese Burger

Smashburger welcomes the new S'mac & Cheese Burger as combination of a burger with mac and cheese.
Feb 17, 2023

Review: Nutella B-ready

Nutella B-ready features a "crunchy wafer shell filled with creamy Nutella and sprinkled with puffed wheat crisps.

White Castle Launches New Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers

White Castle launches new Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers and brings back original Shrimp Nibblers for a limited time at participating locations through April 9, 2023.

New Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips Arrive

Kettle Brand, known for kettle-cooked potato chips adds new Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips to their product line-up.