Birthday Freebies

Birthday freebies generally require signing up to a chain's respective mobile app or email list. The sister-in-law goes all crazy signing up for these lists and gets all sorts of free food around her birthday. They usually send you information on new items, promos, and coupons as well. I suggest just creating an email specifically to sign up so you don't get inundated with promo emails.

As to why companies would give your free stuff for your birthday, it's for a number of reasons, including: it builds good will (i.e. you might come back); if it's your birthday, you'll usually come with other guests; and you might order other items while you're there.

Keep in mind that a company may change its birthday offer at any time.

Here's the list of birthday freebies from various restaurant/fast food chains:

- 7-Leaves - Mobile app - They give you enough points to redeem for a free drink on your birthday. The points expire 30 days after your birthday.

- Auntie Anne's - Mobile app - They give you a reward good for a free soft pretzel for your birthday.

- Baskin Robbins - Birthday Club - Free 2.5oz. scoop on your birthday. Emails you a coupon 5 days before your birthday.

- Ben & Jerry's - Flavor Fanatics - "A cone-gratulatory surprise on your birthday." i.e free ice cream.

- Benihana - The Chef's Table - Free Meal up to $30 (excludes alcoholic beverages, gratuity and tax) - you need to sign up at least 10 days before your birthday to make sure to get the certificate in time. They send it at the beginning of the month of your birthday and it's good for that entire month.

- BJ's Brewhouse - rewards program - Free Pizookie on your birthday.

- Cold Stone Creamery - rewards program - Buy-one-get-one-free Creation offer for your birthday.

- Chili's - rewards program - Free dessert on your birthday

- Daphne's - Pita Points - They give you $10 off your first visit to Daphne’s within 30 days after your birthday.

- Del Taco - Del Yeah! Rewards - Free shake on your birthday.

- Denny's - rewards program - Free Every Day Value Slam on your birthday that can be redeemed for dine-in during the month of your birthday.

- Dunkin' Donuts - Dunkin Rewards - 3x points on your birthday.

- Earl of Sandwich - The eClub - Free brownie or cookie for your birthday (good for about a month).

- El Torito - loyalty program - Free Entree for your birthday.

- Firehouse Subs - Firehouse Rewards - Free medium sub with any purchase for your birthday.

- Fuddruckers - Fudds Club - Free Gift for Joining and Free Burger for your birthday.

- Hooters - 10 Free Wings on your birthday

- Houlihan's - Email Club - Free App for Joining and Free Entree on your birthday

- IHOP - Pancake Revolution - Free Meal for Signing Up and on your 1-year anniversary of joining

- Jersey Mike's - They give you enough points to redeem for a free sub for your birthday (at the time of this writing [7/14/23] the birthday points never expire).

- Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken - Free meal on your birthday.

- Logan's Roadhouse - Free Dessert on your birthday.

- McDonald's - mobile app - Free menu item from a limited selection for your birthday (includes Cheeseburger, 6-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, etc.) at participating locations.

- Moe's Southwest Grill - Moe Rewards - Free burrito on your birthday.

- Not Your Average Joe's Kitchen & Bar - Email Club - Free entree on your birthday.

- Panera Bread - Panera Rewards - Free Baked Good on your birthday.

- Red Robin - rewards program - Free Burger (comes with Bottomless Fries) on your birthday with minimum dine-in purchase of $4.99 or more.

- Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill - Beach Club - Free Taco for signing up and Free Food up to $7 on your birthday - That's a lot of Fish Tacos on a Taco Tuesdays.

Starbucks - My Starbucks Rewards - Free "handcrafted birthday beverage" of your choice on your birthday.

- TCBY - eClub - Free waffle cone for signing up and unspecified "special gifts" on your birthday.

- The Cheesecake Factory - Cheesecake Rewards - Free cheesecake on your birthday.

- Yoshinoya - Bowler Club - Free Regular Bowl with Drink Purchase on your birthday.


    10 free wings on your bday!

  2. panera - free baked good on your birthday

  3. Moe's Southwest Grill: Free entree of your choice (excluding fajitas) on your birthday.

  4. Chili's gives you a free dessert,; Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken gives members a free meal:; at Logan's you can get a free dessert:

  5. BDs Mongolian Grill gives members a free stir fry on their birthday

  6. Yes, and at Logan's they also make you stand on a chair in the middle of the restaurant and have the entire room sing to you. Good times.

  7. the coldstone birthday offer is no longer free ice cream but buy one get one free creation :( boo

  8. Dunkin Donuts has updated their program to Dunkin UpDDate - same rewards, different name.

  9. Denny's still gives you a Slam breakfast on your birthday, just show them your ID.

    BJ's restaurant gives you a free mini Pizzookie with a candle in the ice cream.

  10. Not a national chain (currently in MA, VA and MD) but Not Your Average Joe's gives you a free entree on your birthday. Anything on the menu-it's pretty awesome.

  11. Sign up with Don Pablo. On your birthday they load $10 for your meal on your Habaneros Club Reward Card.

  12. Texas de Brazil. They give you a voucher for a free meal good for around a week just before your birthday.

  13. has a good local list of freebies in LA.

  14. Great list! also has a great list for the Colorado area.


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