Jul 17, 2019

Free 32-oz Tea at McAlister's Deli on July 18, 2019

McAlister's Deli will be giving away free 32-oz cups of their signature Sweet Tea on Thursday, July 18, 2019 in celebration of their annual Free Tea Day.

Krispy Kreme Debuts New Original Filled Birthday Cake Batter Donut

Celebrating their 82nd birthday, Krispy Kreme debuts the new Original Filled Birthday Batter Donut for a very limited time through July 21, 2019.

"Buy One, Get One Free" Wing Tuesdays is Back at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings brings back their Wing Tuesday promotion on a permanent basis. That means every Tuesday, you can buy an order of traditional wings and get a second order for free.

New Keto and Cauliflower Crusts Join the Blaze Pizza Menu

Blaze Pizza adds to their crust choices with the arrival of new Keto Crust and Cauliflower Crust.

Jul 16, 2019

2019 National Hot Dog Day Deals and Freebies

It's National Hot Dog Day tomorrow, July 17, 2019 and here are some deals and freebies to help you celebrate:

P.F. Chang's 2019 Summer Menu Includes New Asian Mac & Cheese

P.F. Chang's welcomes a number of new dishes for the 2019 summer season including Asian Mac & Cheese.

New Pork Burnt Ends Sandwich with Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce Arrives at Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Dickey's Barbecue Pit features Coca-Cola in a barbecue sauce for their latest sandwich, the new MVP Sandwich. They also offer the a new parfait featuring chocolate cake made with Coca-Cola.

Endless Apps for $12 is Back at TGI Fridays Through August 4, 2019

$12 Endless Apps, TGI Fridays' all-you-can-eat special on select appetizers, is back for a limited time through August 4, 2019 at participating locations.

Jul 15, 2019

Review: Popeyes - Parmesan Ranch Double Dippers

Popeyes' Parmesan Ranch Double Dippers features six boneless wings with a double-compartment dipping cup with buttermilk ranch on one side and parmesan crumbles on the other side.

Half-Price Pizzas Ordered Online at Domino's Through July 21, 2019

Domino's is again running one of their online-only half-price pizza deals.

During the promotion, which runs through Sunday, July 21, 2019, you can get any pizza for half-off the regular menu price when you place your order online.

BJ's Adds Three New Burgers Including the Banh Mi Turkey Burger

BJ's adds three new burgers to the menu including the new Banh Mi Turkey Burger.

KFC Slings New Double Tacos in France

The latest limited-time promotion for KFC over in France is for new Double Tacos, which are somewhat like Taco Bell's Double Decker Tacos but with fried chicken tenders inside.

Caribou Coffee Puts Cold Brew Coffee into Cans

Caribou Coffee makes a foray into the ready-to-drink canned coffee market by offering three varieties of their cold brew coffee in 11.5-oz cans.

Jul 14, 2019

Starbucks' New Tie-Dye Frappuccino Features Yellow, Red, and Blue Powder

Starbucks brings back the '70s with the new Tie-Dye Frappuccino, which gets its colors from dashes of yellow, red, and blue powder.

Jul 13, 2019

Froot Loops Come in a Birthday Cake Flavor for a Limited Time

For a limited time, you can find new Birthday Cake Froot Loops cereal at select retailers nationwide.

Jul 12, 2019

New Heath Ice Cream Cakes Available in Stores

New Heath Ice Cream Cakes land in grocery stores nationwide in time for National Ice Cream Month (July).

Jul 11, 2019

Panda Express Unveils New Sichuan Hot Chicken

Taking a cue from the popularity of Nashville hot chicken, Panda Express gives their own American Chinese take on the dish with new Sichuan Hot Chicken.

Taco Bell Brings the Heat with New Steak Reaper Ranch Fries

Featuring the Carolina Reaper, which won the title "world's hottest pepper" from Guinness World Records in 2013, Taco Bell serves up new Steak Reaper Ranch Fries.

New Super Cauli Crust Pizza Arrives at Chuck E. Cheese

New Super Cauli Crust Pizza arrives on the menu at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants nationwide.

Jul 10, 2019

Nissin Launches New Top Ramen Bowl

Nissin expands Top Ramen beyond pouches with the arrival of new, microwaveable Top Ramen Bowls.

Burger King Introduces $1 Crispy Taco Nationwide

For a limited time, Burger King serves up their $1 Crispy Taco nationwide.

Jul 9, 2019

Firehouse Subs Debuts New Jamaican Jerk Turkey Sub

Firehouse Subs features a bit of tropical flavor this summer with the debut of the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey Sub.

Friendly's Launches New Lobster Quesadilla and More as Part of 2019 Summer Menu

Friendly's adds a number of new dishes for the summer including the new Lobster Quesadilla.

Free Small Slurpee at 7-Eleven on July 11, 2019, from 11 AM to 7 PM

In celebration of 7-Eleven Day on July 11, 2019, 7-Eleven will be giving away small Slurpees at participating locations nationwide from 11 AM to 7 PM (local time), while supplies last.

Jul 8, 2019

Burger King Releases New Pulled Pork King

Pulled pork makes a limited-time return to the Burger King menu and goes big with the release of the new Pulled Pork King.

All-You-Can-Eat Riblets, Tenders, and Crispy Shrimp for $14.99 at Applebee's for a Limited Time

Applebee's offers a limited-time promotion where you can get unlimited riblets, chicken tenders, and Double Crunch Shrimp for $14.99.

El Pollo Loco Whips Up New $5 Crunchy Nacho Overstuffed Quesadilla

Combining their chicken nachos and overstuffed quesadillas, El Pollo Loco comes up with the new Crunchy Nacho Overstuffed Quesadilla for $5. The also offer two other new Overstuffed Quesadillas.

McDonald's Debuts McChicken Topped with Grilled Zucchini in Italy

McDonald's Italy debuts the new McChicken Delicato, which comes topped with grilled zucchini, as one of two new McChicken variants featuring local ingredients

Jul 7, 2019

Outback Steakhouse's "Bloom-ified" Menu Includes New Bloomin' Fried Chicken

Outback Steakhouse plays on the popularity of their Bloomin' Onion by offering a new, limited-time menu of "Your Favorites, Bloom-ified," including new Bloomin' Fried Chicken.

Jul 6, 2019

Popeyes Serves Up New Peanut Butter Banana Pie

Popeyes serves up the new Peanut Butter Banana Pie as their latest limited-time dessert option.

Wear Any Cow Costume or Apparel to Chick-fil-A on July 9, 2019 for a Free Entree

On Tuesday, July 9, 2019, you can get a free entree at Chick-fil-A by showing up in a cow costume or wearing any sort of cow apparel.

Jul 5, 2019

Review: Blue Bunny - Bunny Tracks Load'd Sundae

Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks Load'd Sundae features vanilla ice cream with caramel and fudge swirls, topped with chocolaty-covered peanuts and chocolaty peanut butter bunnies.

Jack in the Box Launches $4.99 BBQ Double Bacon Cheeseburger Combo Deal

Jack in the Box's latest $4.99 value combo deal features the BBQ Double Bacon Cheeseburger, which seems like their latest version of the discontinued Outlaw Burger.

New Smartfood Flamin' Hot White Cheddar Popcorn Gets a Wider Release Starting July 8, 2019

New Smartfood Flamin' Hot White Cheddar Flavored Popcorn will pop up at retailers nationwide starting July 8, 2019 after an initial launch in June that was exclusive to Walmart and Sam's Club stores.

Jul 4, 2019

Wingstop Reveals Six New Wing Flavors for 25 Days of Flavor Promotion

Wingstop celebrates 25 years of business with a 25-day promotion that they're calling "25 Days of Flavor," which includes the debut of six new wing flavors, two new dips, one new side, and an exclusive beverage.

Jul 3, 2019

Sonic Offers New Summertime BLT Sandwiches Featuring Basil Aioli

Sonic debuts new Summertime BLT sandwiches in two varieties: the Summertime BLT and the Summertime Chicken BLT.

$3 Ice Blendeds at Coffee Bean Every Thursday in July, After 2 PM

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is running a deal through July 2019 where you can get any regular-sized Ice Blended for $3 every Thursday, from 2 PM to close.

Shake Shack Whips Up New Black Sesame Shake

Shake Shack's latest milkshake to make the rotation is the new Black Sesame Shake, which originally comes their Tokyo locations.

Review: KFC - Cheetos Sandwich and Cheetos Popcorn Nuggets

KFC's Cheetos Sandwich takes a boneless Extra Crispy filet, coats it with special Cheetos sauce, and serves it with a layer of Crunchy Cheetos and mayo on a plain bun.

Jul 2, 2019

Ribs Starting at $7.99 at TGI Fridays on July 4, 2019

TGI Fridays offers discounted barbecue ribs for the Fourth of July this year with prices starting at $7.99 for a half-rack of Fridays Big Ribs.

Dairy Queen Debuts New Sour Patch Kids Blizzard for July 2019

Dairy Queen debuts the new Sour Patch Kids Blizzard as the featured Blizzard for July 2019.

58-Cent Hot Dogs at Wienerschnitzel on July 9, 2019, 11 AM to 8 PM

In celebration of their 58th anniversary, Wienerschnitzel will be selling original Chili Dogs and Mustard Dogs for a discounted rate of 58 cents each on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, from 11 AM to 8 PM at participating locations.

KFC Gets New, Exclusive Mtn Dew Sweet Lightning

Sister chain Taco Bell gets Mtn Dew Baja Blast and now KFC gets new Mtn Dew Sweet Lightning.

Sonic's New Mocktail Slushes Include a Spicy Margarita Flavor Infused with Carolina Reaper Peppers

Sonic introduces a trio of new Mocktail Slushes for the summer, including the new Reaper Spicy Margarita Slush, which pairs lime with the heat from the Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest chili peppers in the world.

Jul 1, 2019

Perdue Reveals New Chicken Plus Chicken and Veggie Nuggets

Offering a potential solution for getting kids to eat their vegetables, Perdue has come up with new Chicken Plus Dino Nuggets, Tenders, and Patties made with a blend of chicken and vegetables.

Jack in the Box Adds New Donut Holes to the Menu

Jack in the Box adds new Donut Holes to the menu for a limited time.

Subway Tests New Halo Top Milkshakes

Subway and Halo Top Creamery team up to test new hand-spun Halo Top milkshakes in six markets starting July 22, 2019.

Skittles Imposters Can Be Unmasked at Walmart

New Skittles Imposters can found exclusively at Walmart this summer although you might have to do a bit of searching.

Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat Release New Simply Small Bread

Offering a smaller portion for single-person households (and households with a number of non-bread eaters), Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat Bread launch new Simply Small, a new size of 10 slices per bag.