Oct 31, 2019

New "Two for $5" Mix-and-Match Deal at Wendy's

Wendy's looks to offer value with a limited-time, "two for $5" mix-and-match deal where you can pick any two items from a limited selection.

Kinder Bueno Candy Bars Arrive in Stores

Ferrero's Kinder Bueno, one of Europe's top-selling chocolate bars, has arrived here in the US and is rolling out to retailers nationwide.

Oct 30, 2019

Domino's Offers 20 Percent Off Regular-Priced Menu Items After 9 PM

Domino's is running a limited-time late-night special where you can get 20 percent off the regular menu price of any item after 9 PM to close at participating restaurants nationwide.

Starbucks Blends Charcoal Black Phantom Frappuccino Abroad

While it seems Starbucks isn't offering a Halloween-themed beverage here in the US this year, they are offering the new, charcoal-black Phantom Frappuccino for Halloween in a number of countries abroad.

Buffalo Wild Wings to Offer UFC-Inspired BMF Wing Sauce for One Day Only on November 2, 2019

Buffalo Wild Wings offers up new, UFC-inspired BMF wing sauce for the upcoming UFC fight between Jorge Masvida and Nate Diaz for the BMF belt this Saturday, November 2, 2019.

Free Tacos at Del Taco on October 30, 2019

Del Taco is giving away free tacos today, October 30, 2019, at participating locations via their mobile app.

Oct 29, 2019

Review: Pringles - Fried Onion Ring Chips

Pringles Fried Onion Ring Chips are stack-able potato crisps with a fried onion ring flavor.

They're exclusive to 7-Eleven, where I picked up up two 5.5-oz canisters for $4 ($2.49 otherwise).

Odwalla Releases New Odwalla Zero Sugar

Odwalla introduces zero sugar smoothies with the release of new Odwalla Zero Sugar.

Both Domino's and Pizza Hut Serve Up New Boba Pizzas in Taiwan

Taiwan being the birthplace of boba tea (also known as bubble tea and tapioca tea), it shouldn't be too surprising that both Domino's and Pizza Hut are serving up new boba-topped, dessert pizzas in the country.

Little Caesars Pushes $6.49 Hot-N-Ready ExtraMostBestest Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza

For a limited-time, Little Caesars is offering the ExtraMostBestest Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza at $6.49 for a large nationally at participating locations. During the promotion, it is available Hot-N-Ready from 4 to 8 PM.

Stuffing Returns to Boston Market for the 2019 Holiday Season

Vegetable Stuffing is back on the menu at Boston Market for a limited time for the 2019 holiday season.

Oct 28, 2019

25-Cent Boneless Wings Deal at Applebee's for a Limited Time

Hoping entice you in with some cheap game-day eats, Applebee's is offering boneless wings for 25 cent each for a limited time at participating restaurants nationwide.

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Returns "For Good" on November 3, 2019

Following a social media-hyped debut in August that saw it sell out in about two weeks, Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is slated to return to the menu permanently this Sunday, November 3, 2019, which also happens to be National Sandwich Day.

Ruby Tuesday Unveils Two New $7.99 Classic Twists: Mac 'n Cheeseburger and Hot Honey & Bacon Chicken Sandwich

Ruby Tuesday unveils two new Classic Twists menu items, the Mac 'n Cheeseburger and Hot Honey & Bacon Chicken Sandwich, for $7.99 each

Domino's Offers Both Tricks and Treats in Japan with Ghost Pepper Roulette Pizza and Dessert Pizza

Domino's gets into the Halloween spirit in Japan by offering both tricks and treats in pizza form this year.

Oct 26, 2019

Tyson Debuts New Air Fried Chicken

Offering a healthier alternative to breaded and fried frozen chicken products, Tyson debuts new Air Fried Chicken.

Del Monte Launches New Veggieful Bites

Del Monte looks to offer better-for-you snacks for the frozen food aisle with the launch of new Veggieful Bites.

Oct 25, 2019

Quiznos Introduces Two New, Limited-Time Prime Rib Subs

Quiznos offers prime rib on the menu for a limited time with the arrival of two new subs: the Prime Rib Horseradish XL Sandwich and the Italian Prime Rib Sandwich.

Free Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell on October 30, 2019

Taco Bell will be giving out free Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos on October 30, 2019 at participating US locations, while supplies last.

Dunkin' to Roll Out Beyond Meat Sausage Nationally

Following a successful test in Manhattan during the summer, Dunkin' is set to make the new Beyond Sausage Sandwich available at participating locations nationwide starting November 6, 2019.

Buy One Entree, Get One Free at Smashburger Through October 27, 2019

Smashburger is running a deal where you can buy any entree and get a second one one (of equal or lesser value) for free at participating locations through October 27, 2019, while supplies last.

Oct 24, 2019

Review: Taco Bell - Reaper Ranch Tortilla Chips

Taco Bell's Reaper Ranch Tortilla Chips feature the flavor of ranch dressing paired with the heat of Carolina Reaper peppers--one of the spiciest peppers available.

2019 Halloween Deals and Specials

Halloween is fast approaching and there are more than a few food deals and specials from some well-known eateries this year to celebrate the spooky season. Here they are:

Buy One, Get One Free Pumpkin Smoothie at Smoothie King on October 26, 2019

Smoothie King will be offering a "buy one, get one free" deal on pumpkin smoothies on October 26, 2019 in celebration of National Pumpkin Day.

Cheesy Tots Return to Burger King and are Four for $1

Cheesy Tots find their way back onto the Burger King menu for a limited time and will cost you $1 for four (may vary) at participating locations.

Church's Brings Back Honey-Butter Biscuit Tenders and Debut New Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits

Honey-Butter Biscuit Tenders are back at Church's Chicken for a limited time and are joined by new Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits.

Oct 23, 2019

Pizza Hut Tests Round Pizza Box and Plant-Based "Incogmeato" Sausage Topping

Pizza Hut tests new round pizza boxes and plant-based Incogmeato sausage exclusively at one Pizza Hut restaurant in Phoenix, AZ.

Popeyes Offers New Voodoo Tenders

Popeyes' latest special comes in the form of new Voodoo Tenders, which features the chain's regular crispy chicken tenders sprinkled with dried chives and served with a sweet chili sauce.

Free Non-Dairy Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's Shops on November 1, 2019, from 4 to 8 PM

Ben & Jerry's will be celebrating World Vegan Day by offering free scoops of non-dairy/vegan ice cream flavors on November 1, 2019, from 4 to 8 PM.

Starbucks Pours New Vanilla Fig Latte for the Fall in Singapore and Malaysia

Besides the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte that they seem to offer worldwide, Starbucks features the sweet flavor of fig in the new Vanilla Fig Latte over in Singapore and nearby Malaysia this fall.

Zaxby's Adds New Southwest Chipotle and Smokehouse Cheddar BBQ Chicken Sandwiches to Menu

Zaxby's welcomes two new chicken sandwiches--the Southwest Chipotle Fillet and Smokehouse Cheddar BBQ Fillet--to the menu for a limited time.

Oct 22, 2019

Panda Express Tests New Pastrami Pork Belly Bao

Panda Express is testing new Pastrami Pork Belly Bao at their Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, CA.

Free Jumbo Jack with Any Large Drink Purchase at Jack in the Box on October 25, 2019

Jack in the Box will be celebrating National Greasy Food Day on Friday, October 25, 2019 by offering a deal where you can get a free Jumbo Jack with any large drink purchase.

Nestle Reveals Vegan, Plant-Based "Bacon Cheeseburger"

Nestle has developed plant-based versions of cheese and bacon to go with their existing plant-based burger patties and form the base for a vegan, plant-based "bacon cheeseburger."

Arby's Puts Together New Petite Filet Steak Sandwiches

Arby's features thick cuts of petite filet steak (served medium with a warm pink center) for the launch of two new, limited-time sandwiches: the Garlic Butter Steak Sandwich and the Steak & Bacon Melt Sandwich.

Oct 21, 2019

Review: KFC - Unsauced and Buffalo Kentucky Fried Wings

KFC's Kentucky Fried Wings feature breaded and deep-fried chicken wings (drummets and flats). They come in four varieties: Nashville Hot, new Honey BBQ, new Buffalo, and Unsauced.

Chick-fil-A Tests New Seasonal Tea Lemonades and Mocha Cream Cold Brew

Chick-fil-A is testing two Seasonal Tea Lemonades out in Jacksonville, Florida and the new Mocha Cream Cold Brew over in Denver, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Taco Bell Unveils New Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze

Taco Bell unveils the new Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze as their latest icy slush beverage.

Burger King Celebrates Halloween 2019 with New Ghost Whopper Featuring "Spectral White Bun" But Only at 10 Restaurants

Burger King gives nod to Halloween this year with the new Ghost Whopper featuring a "spectral white bun" but you can only get it at 10 restaurants across the US.

Oct 20, 2019

North and South Carolina Get An Exclusive Burger from Wendy's

North and South Carolina gets their very own exclusive burger--the Carolina Classic Burger--from Wendy's as a limited-time special.

Popeyes Offers $10 Tenders Box for a Limited Time

Calling it a "tasty feast for two," Popeyes offers up the $10 Tenders Box as a value-priced special for a limited time at participating locations.

Oct 18, 2019

Double Chalupa Returns to Taco Bell

The Double Chalupa finds its way back onto the Taco Bell menu for a limited time and brings with it a chance to win an Xbox One X Eclipse Limited Edition.

Del Monte Rolls Out New Contadina Pizzettas

Del Monte extends their Contadina line, best known for canned tomatoes (and tomato sauces), into the frozen food aisle with the release of new Contadina Pizzettas.

Pillsbury Introduces New Brownie Bark Mixes and Funfetti Frostings and Cake Mixes

Pillsbury adds six new products this fall including new Brownie Bark Mixes and Funfetti Frostings and Cake Mixes.

Oct 17, 2019

Newk's Fall/Winter 2019 Promotions Include New Grab & Go Chili Bundle and New Taco Salad

Newk's introduces a new Grab & Go Chili bundle and new Taco Salad as part of their seasonal offerings this fall/winter.

Farm Rich Launches New "Time Out" Frozen, Microwavable Single-Serve Snacks

Pointing to the increased popularity of snacking over traditional meals, Farm Rich introduces new Time Outs, a line of single-serve snacks that you can take a "time out" with.

Ferrara Releases a Lot of New Candy Corn for Halloween 2019

Ferrara embraces all things candy corn with the launch of a good number of new candy corn treats including Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn, Brach's Mini Candy Corn, and more.

Here's the full list of new candy corn products from the candy manufacturer: