Oct 31, 2021

New Reddi-wip Zero Sugar Whipped Topping Appears in the Dairy Aisle

Looking to appeal to keto-friendly diets and those who need to watch their sugar consumption, Reddi-wip rolls out new Reddi-wip Zero Sugar dairy whipped topping.
Oct 29, 2021

New Coffee Mate Golden Grahams-Flavored Creamer Coming January 2022

New Coffee Mate Golden Grahams-Flavored Creamer will be coming to grocery stores nationwide starting January 2022.

Subway Tests New Low-Carb Bread

Subway tests a low-carb bread option in a partnership with Hero Labs for a limited time in several markets, including Savannah, GA; Des Moines, IA; Colorado Springs, CO; and Boise, ID.

Chili's Adds Four New Big Mouth Burgers to Menu

Chili's expands their Big Mouth Burger line-up with the addition of four new burgers, including:

Domino's South Korea Offers Ghost Halloween Pizza

Domino's South Korea celebrates Halloween this year with the Domino's Halloween Pack, which includes the Ghost Halloween Pizza and the Supermoon Cheese Burst Pizza.

Doritos Twisted Lime Tortilla Chips Return for Sale Online

Doritos Twisted Lime-flavored tortilla chips return for a limited time to the Frito-Lay online store at
Oct 28, 2021

Review: Chipotle - Smoked Brisket

Chipotle's Smoked Brisket features smoked brisket charred on a grill, and seasoned with "Mexican" spices, including fire-roasted jalapenos and chipotle chili peppers. It's then chopped and finished with a new Brisket sauce that's made with smoky chili peppers.

Chicken Tortilla Soup Returns to Chick-fil-A Starting November 1, 2021

Chicken Tortilla Soup makes its annual return to Chick-fil-A for the colder months starting November 1, 2021.

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes are Back at IHOP for Fall 2021

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes are back on the menu at IHOP for a limited time for fall 2021.

Church's Introduces New Texas-Cut Bacon Chicken Sandwich

Church's Chicken introduces the new Texas-Cut Bacon Chicken Sandwich as a limited-time variant of their regular chicken sandwich.

a2 Milk Partners with Hershey's to Put Out New Chocolate Milk

The a2 Milk Company and Hershey's partners to release new Hershey's a2 Chocolate Milk starting January 2022.
Oct 27, 2021

Red Lobster Debuts New Ready-to-Bake Cheddar Bay Biscuit Exclusively at Walmart

Red Lobster makes it even easier to make their signature Cheddar Bay Biscuits at home with the debut of new frozen, ready-to-bake Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Free Doritos Locos Taco at Taco Bell on November 4, 2021

Taco Bell will be giving a free Doritos Locos Taco per person to anyone dropping by a participating location on Thursday, November 4, 2021, while supplies last.

Blaze Pizza Launches New Fiery Maple and Squash Pizza

Blaze Pizza launches the new Fiery Maple and Squash Pizza as a limited-time Chef's signature creation.

New Swiss Miss Cocoa Puffs Arrive Exclusively at Sam's Club

New Swiss Miss Cocoa Puffs Hot Cocoa Cereal arrives exclusively at Sam's Club as a limited-edition winter variety of the chocolaty cereal.

Enlightened Releases New Low-Carb, Ready-to-Bake Cookies

Enlightened releases new sugar-free, low-carb, ready-to-bake cookies as a keto-friendly alternative to traditional ready-to-bake cookies.
Oct 26, 2021

Free Donut and Coffee for First Responders at Krispy Kreme on October 28, 2021

Krispy Kreme looks to honor first responders by offering a free Original Glazed Donut and brewed coffee each to any first responder who drops by on Thursday, October 28, 2021, which is National First Responders Day.

Taco Bell Tests Cravetarian Seasoned, Plant-Based Beef in Detroit Area

Taco Bell gives their Cravetarian seasoned, plant-based beef a more expansive, limited-time test in the Detroit, MI area, which sees it featured in a new $5 Cravetarian Box combo meal.

2021 Halloween Deals and Specials

Halloween is coming up fast on Sunday, October 31, 2021 this year and there are a number of offers and promotions to help you celebrate. So without further ado, a handy list of 2021 Halloween deals and specials:

Nestle Introduces New Rallies Nut Butter Bombs

Nestle introduces new Nestle Rallies Nut Butter Bombs as a new line of chilled snacks featuring creamy nut butter fillings and a chocolate shell.

Takis Branches Out with New Takis Crisps

Takis branches out beyond their well-known spicy rolled tortilla chips and other snacks to launch new Takis Crisps, which are flavored, potato crisps similar to Pringles.
Oct 25, 2021

Sara Lee Welcomes New Artesano Sweet Loaves of Bread

Sara Lee expands their Artesano line of bread by debuting new Sweet Loaves in Cinnamon and Maple & Brown Sugar varieties.

Jack-O Pizza Makes Annual Return to Papa Murphy's for Halloween 2021

The Jack-O Pizza is back on the menu for a limited time at participating Papa Murphy's for Halloween 2021.

Carl's Jr. Brings Back El Diablo Thickburger at One Los Angeles Location for Halloween and Brings Back Monster Angus Thickburger

Carl's Jr. brings back the El Diablo Thickburger at just one location in Los Angeles for a very limited time leading up to Halloween.

Jimmy John's Debuts New Beefy Black & Bleu Sandwich

Jimmy John's debuts the new Beefy Black & Bleu Sandwich as a limited-time menu item at participating locations nationwide.

Free Slice of Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory with $40 Online Purchase Through October 29, 2021

The Cheesecake Factory is running a pre-Halloween special where you can get a free slice of Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake or Hershey's Chocolate Bar Cheesecake when you place an order of $40 or more for pick up through their website or for delivery through DoorDash through Friday, October 29, 2021.
Oct 24, 2021

Jack in the Box Tests Impossible Burger in Phoenix, AZ

Jack in the Box partners with Impossible Foods to test the plant-based Impossible Burger patty at participating locations in the Phoenix, AZ area through December 12, 2021.
Oct 23, 2021
Oct 22, 2021

Review: Trader Joe's - Beef Bulgogi Fried Rice with Kimchi

Trader Joe's Beef Bulgogi Fried Rice with Kimchi features fried rice with vegetables, grilled beef, and kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage).

Jimmy John's Potato Chips Now Available at Walmart

Jimmy John's Jimmy Chips kettle-style potato chips can now also be found outside of their sandwich shops at over 3,000 participating Walmart stores nationwide.

7-Eleven Adds New Korean BBQ Taquito

7-Eleven adds the new Korean BBQ Taquito to their roller grills for a limited time at participating stores.

Zaxby's Offers New "Great 8" Boneless Wings Meal for $7.99

Zaxby's offers up the new "Great 8" Boneless Wings Meal as their latest, limited-time special.

Nestle Releasing New Froot Loops Cereal Milk Starting January 2022

Nestle is set to launch new Nestle Sensations Froot Loops Cereal Flavored Milk at retailers nationwide starting January 2022.
Oct 21, 2021

Taco Bell Tests New Fajita Quesalupa at Select Locations in OH

Taco Bell tests the new Fajita Quesalupa at select locations in OH, including in Findlay, Bowling Green, and Toledo.

Endless Shrimp is Back at Red Lobster

Endless Shrimp makes its annual return to Red Lobster for fall 2021 and features the option to mix-and-match various shrimp dishes in all-you-can-eat fashion.

Quiznos Debuts New Bison Reuben

Quiznos debuts the new Bison Reuben sandwich as a limited-time offering for fall 2021. The sandwich is essentially a traditional Reuben but made with bison instead of beef.

Chick-fil-A Tests New Cloudberry Sunjoy Beverage in Augusta, GA

Chick-fil-A tests the new Cloudberry Sunjoy beverage at participating locations in Augusta, GA through October 30, 2021, while supplies last.

New Sonic Drink Mix Sticks Appear on Store Shelves

Sonic looks to offer the taste of some of their signature drinks in convenient, ready-to-mix, powdered form with the release of new Sonic Drink Mix Singles-To-Go stick packs.
Oct 20, 2021

Review: Burger King - Garlic & Bacon King

Burger King's Garlic & Bacon King features one or two flame-grilled beef patties, new crispy garlic pieces, American cheese, thick-cut bacon, and mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun.

New Boneless Wings Roosting at Arby's Starting October 25, 2021

New Boneless Wings will be arriving at Arby's starting Monday, October 25, 2021.

Free Toasted Breakfast Burrito at Taco Bell from 7 to 11 AM on October 21, 2021

Taco Bell will be giving out a free Toasted Breakfast Burrito of your choice during breakfast hours from 7 to 11 AM on Thursday, October 21, 2021, while supplies last at participating locations nationwide.

Double Quarter Pound King is Back at Burger King

The Double Quarter Pound King is back at Burger King for a limited time, where it joins the Bacon King and Garlic and Bacon King in the chain's current line-up of premium King burgers.

Coffee Mate Rice Krispies Treats-Flavored Creamer Coming January 2022

New Coffee Mate Rice Krispies Treats Flavored Creamer is set to kick off 2022 when it arrives in stores starting in January.
Oct 19, 2021

Taco Bell Tests New $2 Tier for Value Menu

Taco Bell looks to be testing a new $2 tier for their value menu and are calling the menu, the "Crave More Value Menu" rather than the Cravings Menu.

Jack in the Box Launches New Two for $6 Double Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches

Jack in the Box launches new, limited-time Double Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches specially priced at two for $6. Also new but not part of the two for $6 is the Stacked Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

New Megan Thee Stallion Hottie Sauce Rides into Popeyes

Popeyes partners with Grammy Award-winning music artist Megan Thee Stallion to release new, limited-time Megan Thee Stallion Hottie Sauce.

Papa John's Introduces Three New "BaconMania" Menu Items

Papa John's introduces the new, limited-time BaconMania menu featuring three new bacon-laden menu items. They include:

New Old El Paso Takis Fuego Hot Chili Pepper and Lime-Flavored Stand 'N Stuff Taco Shells Only at Walmart

New Old El Paso Takis Fuego-inspired Hot Chili Pepper and Lime-Flavored Stand 'N Stuff Taco Shells can be found now exclusively at Walmart stores and through early 2022.
Oct 18, 2021

Theo Chocolate Releases 2021 Holiday Line-Up

Theo Chocolate releases their 2021 line-up of holiday-themed, fair trade and organic chocolates, which include the new Milk & Cookies 45% Milk Chocolate Bar.