Mar 24, 2019

New Sour Big Chewy Nerds Set to Arrive in April 2019

Nerds adds to last year's Big Chewy Nerds with the addition of new Sour Big Chewy Nerds at retailers nationwide starting April 2019.

Mar 23, 2019

Lemon Cake Pop Arrives at Starbucks for Spring 2019

Starbucks gives their cake pop line-up a little zing with the seasonal addition of the new Lemon Cake Pop for Spring 2019 at participating locations in the US and Canada.

Mar 22, 2019

California Pizza Kitchen's Spring 2019 Menu Includes New Sticky Asian Cauliflower

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) welcomes the spring with an internationally-inspired seasonal menu that includes new Sticky Asian Cauliflower.

Triscuit Branches Out with New Wheatberry Clusters

Triscuit branches out from shredded wheat crackers with the launch of new Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters.

Domino's Bakes New Double Crust Pizza Layered with Sweet Potato Mousse in South Korea

Over in South Korea, the latest from Domino's is the new Doublecrust Iberico Pizza, which features two crispy thin pizza crusts sandwiching a layer of sweet potato mousse, topped with fancy Iberico pork.

Starbucks Bottles Three New Frappuccino Flavors Including Salted Dark Chocolate

New in grocery stores, Starbucks debuts three new bottled Frappuccino flavors: Caramelized Vanilla Honey, Toasted White Chocolate, and Salted Dark Chocolate.

Mar 21, 2019

Burger King Fries Up New Bacon Cheesy Tots

Because bacon makes everything better, Burger King fries up new Bacon Cheesy Tots, which takes a previous limited-time menu item--Cheesy Tots--and adds bits of bacon into the mix.

Chicken & Waffles Return to KFC Through April 29, 2019

KFC is bringing back Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles for a limited span starting March 23, 2019 and running through April 29, 2019, at participating locations, while supplies last.

The Habit Adds New Italian Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich and Garlic Herb Fries

The latest limited-time offerings at The Habit are the new Italian Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich and Garlic Herb Fries.

Shake Shack Welcomes Spring with New Cherry Blossom Shake

Shake Shack welcomes the spring with the new Cherry Blossom Shake.

Mar 20, 2019

Sam's Club Puts Out An Over Three Pound Stuffed Crusted Pizza Topped with Four Kinds of Pepperoni

Sam's Club looks to fuel your college basketball watching needs with the release of the Member’s Mark 14" Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Explosion Pizza, an over-three-pound, stuffed crust pizza topped with four kinds of pepperoni.

Chipotle Selling Home Garden Boxes in Honor of National Plant a Seed Day

Chipotle hopes to get you to test your green thumb by selling "Home Grown Chipotle" boxes online for a limited time. Each box contains seeds, supplies, and instructions to grow six vegetables that figure prominently on Chipotle's menu: cilantro, tomato, pinto beans, jalapenos, bell pepper, and onion.

Hardee's Releases Trio of $2.49 "Hardee Value" Sandwiches / Burgers

Hardee's releases a trio of "Hardee Value" sandwiches / burgers for $2.49 each.

The selection includes:

Marble Slab and MaggieMoo's Introduce New Majestic Shakes

Marble Slab Creamery and MaggieMoo's Ice Cream and Treatery look to encourage Instagram photos and the like with the introduction of new Majestic Shakes.

New Budweiser Barbecue and Brats Arriving in Grocery Stores This Summer

Coleman Natural partners with Budweiser to unveils new Smoked Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Bratwurst made with Budweiser Beer.

Enlightened Reveals Two New Snack-Inspired High-Protein Ice Cream Products

Enlightened reveals two new savory snack-inspired ice cream products: All That & a Bag of Chips "better-for-you" ice cream and Movie Night "better-for-you" ice cream bars.

Mar 19, 2019

Review: 7-Eleven - Chai Tea Latte

7-Eleven's Chai Tea Latte features a combination of black tea, milk, and sweetener flavored with a blend of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

Chipotle Rewards Launches Nationally

After a period of testing, Chipotle launches their Chipotle Rewards loyalty program nationally.

Ono Hawaiian BBQ Serves Up New Grilled Mahi Mahi

Bolstering their seafood selection for Lent / seafood season, Ono Hawaiian BBQ serves up new Grilled Mahi Mahi for a limited time.

Buffalo Wild Wings Updates Menu with New Salsa, Queso, and Nachos

With March Madness starting, Buffalo Wild Wings updates the menu with a number of new items including new salsa, queso, and nachos.

Hardee's Tests New Catfish Sandwich in Four Mississippi Restaurants

Hardee's partners with a local provider, America's Catch, to test their new Catfish Sandwich in four Mississippi Hardee's restaurants as a potential chain-wide offering for next year's Lenten season.

Mar 18, 2019

Ikea Serves All-You-Can-Eat Easter Buffet on April 5, 2019

Ikea will be holding their annual all-you-can-eat Easter buffet on Friday, April 5, 2019.

They call it the Easter P√•skbord and it'll be available at participating stores nationwide.

50 Percent Off Menu-Priced Pizzas Ordered Online at Domino's Through March 24, 2019

Domino's offers a 50 percent discount on menu-priced pizzas ordered online for a limited time through March 24, 2019.

Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza is Back at Little Caesars

The Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza is back at Little Caesars for a limited time.

You can order it today via the chain's mobile app or through the Little Caesars website or wait until March 21, 2019 when it's available for walk-in customers.

P'Zone Returns to Pizza Hut

The P'Zone, Pizza Hut's take on a calzone, returns to the chain nationally in time for the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

New $5 Biggie Bag Arrives at Wendy's; Free with DoorDash Delivery Order Through March 24, 2019

Wendy's introduces the new $5 Biggie Bag as their latest value meal and are giving it away for free when you place a Wendy's delivery order via DoorDash.

Mar 17, 2019

A Look at Krispy Kreme's Green Donuts: How Green are They?

Krispy Kreme is serving Green Original Glazed Donuts this weekend for St. Patrick's Day and were kind enough to send me a dozen so I snapped a couple of photos to give an idea of what you get.

On the surface, the donuts are more of a grass green but...

Jack in the Box Offers 15% Off Your Mobile App Order Through March 31, 2019

Jack in the Box is running a St. Patrick's Day promotion where you can get 15% off your next order placed via their mobile app.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Launches New Dairy-Free "Ice Cream"

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams joins the dairy-free "ice cream" (technically, it's "frozen dessert") competition with the launch of their first dairy-free product line.

Mar 16, 2019

General Mills Rolls Out New Gardetto's Crisps to Convenience Stores

General Mills expands the Gardetto's snack mix brand with the roll out of new Gardetto's Crisps.

Tastykake Debuts New Cookies and Creme Mini Donuts

Tastykake debuts new Cookies and Creme Mini Donuts to kick off their new Scoop Shop line of ice cream-inspired baked desserts.

Mar 15, 2019

The Coffee Bean Adds New Irish Creme Lattes and Ice Blended Drinks

In time for St. Patrick's Day celebrations, The Coffee Bean offers up new Irish Creme beverages featuring the taste of creamy Irish coffee mixed with the chain's signature vanilla powder and milk.

Burger King Rebrands Coffee to "BK Cafe" and Offers $5 a Month Subscription Good for a Coffee a Day

Burger King is now calling their coffee platform "BK Cafe" rather than "BK Joe." While the drink selection hasn't changed, starting today BK app users can sign up for a $5 per month BK Cafe Coffee subscription that's good for a small cup of hot coffee every day at participating locations.

Sonic Brings Back the Double Stuf Oreo Waffle Cone

The Double Stuf Oreo Waffle Cone is back at Sonic for a limited time as spring and warmer weather approaches.

McDonald's Sells Hot Cross Buns in Australia for Easter

While Lenten season typically means Filet-O-Fish Fridays at McDonald's here in the US, over in Australia and neighboring New Zealand, the chain offers Hot Cross Buns seasonally this time of year.

Chipotle Adds Vegetarian and Vegan Bowl Recipes for Easier Ordering

Calling them "Plant-Powered" Bowls, Chipotle makes it easier and faster to order vegan and vegetarian options by adding the new Vegan Bowl and Vegetarian Bowl. Each bowl comes with default ingredients that you can customize if you so choose.

Mar 14, 2019

Review: Starbucks - Roasted Turkey & Dill Harvarti Sandwich

Starbucks' Roasted Turkey & Dill Harvarti sandwich is part of the Mercato line they've been rolling out and features thin-sliced turkey breast, dill Havarti cheese, arugula, and a lemon aioli on Bavarian multigrain bread.

Chick-fil-A Introduces New Frosted Key Lime Nationwide

Chick-fil-A introduces new Frosted Key Lime nationwide starting Monday, March 18, 2019.

The newest Frosted features a blend of vanilla Ice Dream soft serve, lemonade, and a natural, sugar-free lime flavoring made from a blend of key limes, kaffir limes, and Persian limes.

Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen on March 20, 2019

Dairy Queen will be giving out free small vanilla soft-serve cone on March 20, 2019 (the first day of spring) to celebrate the chain's annual Free Cone Day.

Taco Bell Tests Naked Chicken Chalupa & Nachos Fries Combo in Cincinnati

Taco Bell tests a combo in Cincinnati, OH featuring two of their popular limited-time menu items: the Naked Chicken Chalupa and Nacho Fries.

Blue Diamond Introduces Simple Fruit and Almonds Trail Mix

Blue Diamond offers a simple take on trail mix with the pairing of seasoned almonds with various dried fruits for their new and descriptively named Almond & Fruit line.

Mar 13, 2019

Jamba Juices Blends New Pomegranate Smoothie and Bowl

Jamba Juice readies for spring with the arrival of the new Pomegranate Antioxidant Smoothie and Positively Pomegranate Bowl.

Mint Brownie Donut Returns to Dunkin' for Spring 2019

The Mint Brownie Donut is back for a limited time at Dunkin' for spring 2019.

Review: Hostess - Birthday Cake Cupcakes

Hostess Birthday Cake Cupcakes celebrate the brand's 100th birthday and feature creme-filled frosted yellow cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles on the frosting and in the cake itself.

Heinz Follows Up Mayochup with Mayocue and Mayomust "Saucy Sauces"

Heinz follows up last year's Mayochup (a blend of mayonnaise and ketchup) with new Mayocue and Mayomust sauces.

Quaker Releases New Oat Milk Dairy-Alternative Line

Quaker enters the dairy-alternative forum with the release of the new Quaker Oat Beverage line.

The milk-alternative comes in three flavors: Original, Original Unsweetened and Vanilla.

Mar 12, 2019

Pizza Hut UK Offers Cheesy Bites Without the Pizza

Here in the US, Pizza Hut occasionally offers the Cheesy Bites Pizza, a pizza ringed around the crust with bite-sized, cheese-filled rolls, but over in the UK, the pizza has been a permanent fixture on the menu since April 2018, and now, they even offer the Cheesy Bites without the pizza.

Zaxby's Launches New Zaxville Hot Sandwich and Honey Butter Bacon Sandwich

Zaxby's adds two new chicken sandwiches to the menu with the launch of the new Zaxville Hot Sandwich as well as the new Honey Butter Bacon Sandwich.

El Pollo Loco Introduces Three New Enchilada Platters

El Pollo Loco introduces three "new" Enchilada Platters for a limited time at participating locations.

Half-Price Shakes at Sonic on March 13, 2019

Sonic will be offering half-price shakes all day on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.