Nov 30, 2021

2021 National Cookie Day Deals and Promos

December 4, 2021 is National Cookie Day and if you're not so inclined to bake your own cookies to celebrate, there are a number of shops offering a deal or promo to help celebrate:

Hungry Howie's Bakes New Pepperoni Duo Pizza

Hungry Howie's bakes the new Pepperoni Duo pizza for a limited time at participating locations across the US.

Smashburger Launches New Chorizo Cheeseburger

Smashburger launches the new Chorizo Cheeseburger as a Mexican-inspired burger created in collaboration with Chef Rick Bayless.

Winter Wonderland Cocoa Arrives at 7-Eleven for Winter 2021

Winter Wonderland Cocoa arrives for a limited time at 7-Eleven for winter 2021.

Taco Bell Offers £2 Taco + Beer Deal on Taco Tuesdays in the UK

As beer is a regular fixture on the Taco Bell menu in the UK, the chain is currently offering a limited-time Taco Tuesday deal where you can get a taco and a beer for £2 at participating UK locations.
Nov 29, 2021

TGI Fridays Welcomes Entree Pairings and Holiday Cocktails to Finish Up 2021

TGI Fridays welcomes limited-time entree pairings and a number of festive holiday cocktails to round out 2021.

The entree pairings include the following:

Holiday Pie is Back at Select McDonald's for 2021 Holiday Season

The Holiday Pie is back at select McDonald's restaurants as an optional festive item for the 2021 holiday season.

Subway UK Puts Together New Brie Sub and More for 2021 Holiday Menu

Subway UK puts out a whole holiday menu for 2021 and it includes the new Brie Sub as well as the return of last year's Tiger Pig Sub.

Here's Subway's full holiday menu in the UK for 2021:

Yogurtland Churns New Sugar Plum Berry Tart Frozen Yogurt for 2021 Holiday Season

Yogurtland churns new Sugar Plum Berry frozen yogurt for a limited-time for the 2021 holiday season. The frozen yogurt chain also brings back White Chocolate Peppermint frozen yogurt for the season.

Ferrero Releases 2021 Seasonal Holiday Line-up Featuring Kinder Chocolate Advent Calendar and More

Ferrero, maker of various candies including Kinder Chocolate, Tic Tacs, and Ferrero Rocher, releases their holiday line-up for 2021, which includes the Kinder Holiday Countdown Kalendar and more.

Here's what you can expect to find on store shelves from Ferrero for a limited time this holiday season:

Nov 28, 2021

Domino's Bakes New Cheese Toastie Crust in Australia

Domino's bakes new Cheese Toastie Crust pizzas for a limited-time over in Australia as a combination of pizza and cheese toastie (which are basically grilled cheese sandwiches).
Nov 27, 2021

Tim Hortons 2021 Holiday Line-Up Includes A Tree Donut and Various Peppermint Drinks

Tim Hortons' 2021 holiday line-up includes the Holiday Tree Donut and a number of peppermint and chocolate beverages. Donut boxes and drink cups also get the holiday treatment.

Here's what you can expect for this year's holiday menu at Tim Hortons in the US:

Nov 26, 2021

McDonald's "Gracoro" Burger Returns to Japan with New Bolognese Sauce

The "Gracoro" burger, featuring a gratin croquette, makes its annual limited-time return for the winter at McDonald's over in Japan starting December 1, 2021.

Papa John's Reveals New Restaurant Design

Papa John's introduces a new restaurant design to go along with a new logo and look for the brand.

Little Debbie's 2021 Holiday Line Up Includes Christmas Tree Cakes, Christmas Tree Brownies, and More

Little Debbie welcomes Christmas Tree Cakes, Christmas Tree Brownies, and a number of other festive desserts for the 2021 holiday season.

This year's Little Debbies holiday line-up features the following products:

Krispy Kreme Welcomes 2021 Holiday Donuts

Krispy Kreme welcomes the "Let It Snow" collection as their holiday donuts for 2021.
Nov 25, 2021

Review: Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap'd Soda

Mountain Dew (stylized as "Mtn Dew") Gingerbread Snap'd soda is described on the bottle as "Dew with a blast of artificial gingerbread flavor").
Nov 24, 2021

Triple Treat Box Returns to Pizza Hut for 2021 Holiday Season

The Triple Treat Box returns to Pizza Hut for the 2021 holiday season at participating locations nationwide, while supplies last.

General Mills Adds New CinnaGraham Toast Crunch and 7 More Cereals to Round Out 2021

General Mills adds new CinnaGraham Toast Crunch cereal and 7 more new varieties of cereal to round out 2021.

New Plant-Based Impossible Meatballs Roll Into the Frozen Food Aisle

New plant-based Impossible Meatballs roll into the frozen food aisle at Walmart stores starting this month with a wider release at other retailers to come later this year.

McDonald's Serves Up New Tempura Shrimp Burgers in Taiwan

McDonald's serves up new Tempura Shrimp Burgers as a limited-time premium burger offering over in Taiwan that features one or two pieces of deep-fried shrimp tempura in each burger.

Mod Pizza Offers New Modness Meal with Charity Component

Mod Pizza debuts the new Modness Meal as a limited-time combo meal with a charity component, where $1 from the sale of the meal will go to benefit Feeding America, a non-profit which runs over 200 food banks across the US.
Nov 23, 2021

California Pizza Kitchen Brings Back Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza and Santa Fe Chicken Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) brings back the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza and Sante Fe Chicken Pizza for a limited time nationwide.

Sour Patch Kids Holiday Coal Candy Arrives for 2021 Holiday Season

Limited-time Sour Patch Kids Holiday Coal gummy candies arrive on store shelves for the 2021 holiday season.

The black raspberry-flavored, coal-shaped sour gummies are also black in color.

Frosty Key Tags Good for Free Jr. Frosty with Purchase for a Whole Year are Back at Wendy's for Winter 2021

Frosty Key Tags are back for purchase at Wendy's for winter 2021. Each key tag costs $2 and can be used to get you a free Jr. Frosty with any purchase from now through the end of 2022 at participating Wendy's restaurants nationwide.

Popeyes Adds New Chocolate Chip Cookies to Dessert Menu

Popeyes adds new Chocolate Chip Cookies to their dessert selection.

2021 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals, Promotions, and Freebies

With Thanksgiving this week, which means that Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are on deck. Here are some 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, promotion, and freebies to help you save on your holiday shopping.
Nov 22, 2021

Hardee's Tests Brisket Menu in Nashville

Hardee's is testing a line-up of Smoked Brisket menu items currently at select locations in Nashville, TN.

Tamales Return to Del Taco for 2021 Holiday Season

Tamales make their annual return to the Del Taco menu for the 2021 holiday season.

Long John Silver's Tops Mac & Cheese with Crumblies

Long John Silver's brings back Mac & Cheese for a limited time and, this time around, you'll find the cheesy side topped with Crumblies.

Crumbl Cookies Launches Cranberry White Chip Cookie for Thanksgiving Week Only

Crumbl Cookies partners with Ocean Spray to launch the new, limited-edition Cranberry White Chip Cookie featuring Ocean Spray for Thanksgiving week only.

Little Caesars Bakes New Quattro Deep Dish Pizza in Canada

Little Caesars bakes the new Quattro Deep Dish Pizza, which features four quadrants of different toppings, in Canada.

The Quattro Deep Dish Pizza offers the following four topping combinations (two slices each):

Nov 21, 2021

Review: Krispy Kreme - 2021 Thanksgiving Collection Donuts

Krispy Kreme's 2021 Thanksgiving Collection of donuts includes four donuts: the Pecan Pie Donut, Cranberry Orange Donut, Dutch Apple Pie, and The Gobbler Donut.
Nov 20, 2021
Nov 19, 2021

Taco Bell Tests New Crispy Dipping Flautas in Oklahoma City

Taco Bell tests new Crispy Dipping Flautas for a limited time at participating locations in the Oklahoma City area.

Popeyes Bakes New Homestyle Mac & Cheese

Popeyes launches new Homestyle Mac & Cheese as a new side option that's available now nationwide.

Applegate Releases New Spicy Chicken Bites and Spicy Chicken Tenders

Applegate releases new Spicy Chicken Breast Bites and Spicy Breaded Chicken Tenders to add some heat to their Naturals Breaded Chicken line.

Chuck E. Cheese Introduces New Churro Frost Bites and Winter Iced Brownie

Chuck E. Cheese introduces two new desserts for winter 2021: Churro Frost Bites and the Winter Iced Brownie.

Caramel Brownie Cookie is Back at Subway for a Limited Time

The Caramel Brownie Cookie makes a limited time return to the Subway menu at participating locations nationwide.
Nov 18, 2021

2021 Holiday Gift Card Deals and Specials

For those who like to get something free for themselves while getting a holiday gift for someone else, I've put together a list of 2021 holiday gift card deals and specials.

Smashburger Blends Peppermint Hot Chocolate Shake and Gingerbread Holiday Shake

Smashburger blends two limited-time shakes for the 2021 holiday season: the Peppermint Hot Chocolate Shake and the Gingerbread Holiday Shake.

Italian Original Chicken Sandwich Returns to Burger King

The Italian Original Chicken Sandwich returns to Burger King for a limited time at participating restaurants.

Smoothie King Pours New Immune Builder Orange Smoothie

With the winter flu season arriving, Smoothie King adds the new Immune Builder Orange Smoothie to the menu for a limited time through the holiday season nationwide.

Outback Steakhouse Offers New Espresso Butter-Topped Steak and More

Outback Steakhouse offers the new option to get one of their steaks topped with Espresso Butter as part of their latest round of limited-time menu items.

The chain describes the new Espresso Butter option as "rich and bold." Other limited-time menu items at Outback this winter include:

Nov 17, 2021

Hormel Puts New Bacon-Scented, Bacon-Patterned Wrapping Paper Up for Grabs Through November 26, 2021

This holiday season, Hormel  introduces new limited-edition Black Label Bacon wrapping paper featuring the a bacon weave pattern paired with the scent of Black Label Bacon in every sheet. You can't buy the bacon-themed wrapping paper however as they're only giving it away via a sweepstakes that runs through Friday, November 26, 2021 (i.e. Black Friday).

Auntie Anne's Rolls Out Snowball Nuggets and Peppermint Chocolate Frost for 2021 Holiday Season

Auntie's Anne's brings back Snowball Nuggets for the 2021 holiday season. Also available for the festive season is Peppermint Chocolate Frost.

Buitoni Debuts New Ravioli Filled with Impossible Plant-Based Meat

Buitoni partners with Impossible Foods to debut new Buitoni Ravioli with Impossible Beef and Buitoni Ravioli with Impossible Italian Sausage.

Free Reusable Red Holiday Cup From Starbucks When You Order a Holiday Drink on November 18, 2021

Starbucks will be giving away a free reusable red holiday cup with the purchase of a handcrafted holiday or fall beverage at participating US locations on November 18, 2021, while supplies last.

Get a 63-Cent Egg McMuffin in the McDonald's App During Breakfast on November 18, 2021

Celebrating 50 years of serving the Egg McMuffin, McDonald's will be offering the Egg McMuffin for throwback price of 63 cents through a deal in the McDonald's app during breakfast hours on Thursday, November 18, 2021.
Nov 16, 2021