Thursday, July 3, 2008

Review: Winchell's Donuts - French Cruller

My absolute favorite donut is the French cruller known for its unique shape and its airy texture. The French cruller is made from choux pastry which, according to Wikipedia, is "a light pastry dough used to make profiteroles, croquembouches, eclairs, French crullers, beignets, Indonesian kue sus, and gougères. It contains only butter, water, flour, and eggs. Its raising agent is the high moisture content, which creates steam during cooking, puffing out the pastry." I know right? We're smarter already!

I have no idea what profiteroles, croquembouches, gougères, and, kue sus are, but I love French crullers. Unfortunately, most donut shops don't make a French cruller, at least not the mom and pops around here (They are quite difficult to make I'm told compared to the standard donut.). Fortunately, chain donuts shops usually carry French crullers (Note that the French cruller should not be confused with the "cruller" which is just a twisted cake donut.)

And Witchell's being a chain donut shop makes French Crullers, although only on Tuesdays around Halloween so they can make Halloween donuts... Sad, I know! Mostly, because I went to two different locations before asking where the crullers were. In short, French crullers from Winchell's with maple or chocolate frosting equals yummy!
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