Jan 21, 2009

Review: Popeyes - Big Easy Chicken Bowl

For $3.49, Popeyes' Big Easy Chicken Bowl comes in about $1.50 less than its Jambalaya Bowl which prompted me to try it. It comes in a sturdy and re-useable plastic bowl that you can also reheat any leftovers in.
The Big Easy Chicken Bowl is basically pulled chicken and cajun gravy served atop Popeyes' Red Bean and Rice, and then sprinkled with a blend of shredded cheese. There's supposed to be some parsely as well but I didn't see any. They also give you sour cream and hot sauce in packets if you want.
I wonder where they cook the chicken though since it's a fried chicken joint. It was pretty tasty though, not something I'd crave but it's interesting and a good value.


  1. This is interesting! Not a whole lot of places do rice as a fast food meal. Looks good and the chicken looks pretty moist!

  2. I tast it and it's very good and I want more that is my new meal

  3. The "pulled chicken" is probably de-boned fried chicken that didn't get sold the day before. I worked at KFC as a teen and that's what we put in the pot pies. At closing time, any friend chicken that was still under the hot lamps that hadn't been sold got de-boned and put into the pot pies the next day.

  4. Ah, nice. I've always wondered what they did with their end of the day chicken. Thanks for the info!


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