May 25, 2009

Review: Baja Fresh - Chicken Burrito Mexicano "Enchilado" Style

Baja Fresh's Burrito Mexicano is described on their site as "Your choice of charbroiled chicken, pork carnitas or charbroiled steak, rice and freshly simmered black or pinto beans all layered with fresh, chopped cilantro and onions and your choice of salsa." I went for the chicken with black beans and decided to try it "Enchilado" style which is "a savory, warm salsa that smothers your burrito, topped with melted jack and cheddar cheese and served with nachos, Pico de Gallo and sour cream."
Maybe you shouldn't trust a chain to make a burrito Mexican style or maybe "enchilado" style didn't agree with me. Regardless, the burrito just didn't have the right blend of flavors for me. It was just off. I've tried the Baja and Ultimo burritos and they tasted pretty good but the Mexicano seemed to lack flavor and I was expecting more tartness in the red sauce for "Enchilado" Style. Probably the most disappointing item I've had from Baja Fresh.


  1. gotta eat Chipotle for burrito!

  2. I agree- doesn't look too good. The burrito looks like it is dry instead of wet in your photos! Even the sour cream looks sad looking- it looks more like pudding instead of having peaks.


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