Jul 9, 2024

Starbucks Offers Free Reusable Straw with Cold Drink Purchase on July 10, 2024

A Starbucks Frappuccino with a reusable summer straw.
If you're a Starbucks drinker and are looking to get a free reusable straw, you're in luck: The coffee-cafe chain will be giving away a free "limited-edition reusable summer straw" with the purchase of any cold handcrafted drink on Wednesday, July 10, 2024.

The promotion will be available at participating locations nationwide, while supplies last. It is available on in-store orders, mobile app orders, and Starbucks Delivery orders (on DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub). Summer Straw quantities are limited so you may want to go sooner in the day rather than later.

Cold handcrafted beverages include new Iced Energy beverages, Cold Beverages (such as cold brews, iced coffees, and iced espresso drinks), Starbucks Refreshers, Frappuccinos, and iced teas and lemonades.

If you're looking to get a straw as cheap as possible, the cheapest cold drink at my local Starbucks is an iced espresso or tall lemonade for $3.45 a piece.

Photo via Starbucks.

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