Nov 21, 2008

Review: KFC - Original Recipe Chicken Sandwich

Straight off of the KFC value menu (only available in the Los Angeles area so far) is the Original Recipe Chicken Sandwich.
The sandwich features a decent-sized chicken patty breaded in the Colonel's Original Recipe seasoning and served on a warm bun with lettuce and mayo.

It would have been okay if the lettuce wasn't soggy without any hint of crispness. In fact, the lettuce was so soggy it was a bit chewy.

I have to say the poor state of the lettuce ruined the sandwich for me. If you live in the LA area and order it, be sure to cross your fingers for fresh lettuce.

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  1. Was this mechanically-separated chicken?

  2. No, it's part of an actual chicken breast. It's $1.99 though.

  3. Or rather it was.

  4. That's a nice looking chicken breast for it being ordered off the value menu.

  5. Yeah but it's not a value menu item anymore and with the Doublicious out and the Boneless Filets, I don't even think it's on the menu anymore.


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