Apr 23, 2009

Review: KFC - Kentucky Grilled Chicken

In a bid to offer healthier fare, the folks at KFC have come up with a line of grilled chicken (Kentucky Grilled Chicken) with a blend of spices reminiscent of the Colonel's Original Recipe. KFC touts the grilled chicken as having fewer calories, less fat, and less salt than its Original Recipe Fried Chicken.

The chicken itself is slow-roasted in an oven on grill racks to receive the desired grill marks.

It tastes pretty good, you can definitely taste the blend of spices and herbs, though I still prefer the texture and novelty of fried chicken a bit more. Grilled chicken just isn't as special to me. It is definitely not as salty as the Original Recipe which I sometimes find to be too salty. It is also very juicy and not dry at all. Kentucky Grilled Chicken is definitely worth a try if you feel like KFC flavor without the fried or just want a heathier (though not exactly healthy) alternative.

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  1. mmm...looks good, where are the thighs?!

  2. The question is, how does it compare to the reigning king of fast food grilled chicken: El Pollo Loco?

  3. Favorably, it's a different flavor though, El Pollo Loco is more tangy and this is more herby.

  4. i prefer your KFC grilled chicken to our KFC fried chicken.

  5. nice focus in the photos. does it come with biscuits?


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