Apr 23, 2009

News Release: KFC Declares Monday, April 27, 2009 “UNFry Day” and Offers Free Taste Nationwide

"KFC is so confident consumers will love the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken, it’s inviting America to sample the newest mouth-watering menu item on “UNFry Day,” Monday, April 27, 2009. Consumers are encouraged to stop by KFC throughout the day on “UNFry Day” and receive a free piece of Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

A full page advertisement will run in USA Today on April 24 to remind Americans to stop by and grab their free piece of Kentucky Grilled Chicken. See for more details. (At participating locations, limit one piece per person, piece selection is manager's choice and may vary per location.)"


  1. This us going to make the parking lot in Arcadia very busy after school! :) 800 kids piling into eat a piece of Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

  2. But then they will want to buy drinks because they are thirsty!


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