Sep 10, 2009

Review: El Pollo Loco - BBQ Chicken Slider

I tried El Pollo Loco's BBQ Chicken Slider a while back for 99 cents. It was one of El Pollo Loco's entrants to the increasingly crowded fast food slider arena.
El Pollo Loco's BBQ Chicken Slider offered the promise of barbequed chicken and coleslaw on a mini-telera roll (A telera roll is much like a bollillo in texture. Bollillo rolls are the bread typically used to make tortas).

The telera roll usually featured a slightly thick, soft crust with a soft, dense, slightly sweet, interior that I enjoyed. The bbq sauce and cole slaw went well together. But, unfortunately, there just wasn't enough chicken in the sandwich as you can see above. The flavors were there, it was just thrown off by the lack of shredded, barbequed chicken. A bite featured mostly bread and coleslaw.
It is perhaps for that reason that the sandwich no longer seems to be offered. It was a limited-time item but maybe it'll come around again... Hopefully, with more meat...


  1. I always thought this concept for El Pollo Loco was weird, but it does look like it would taste good! Agree about the amount of meat though :).

  2. Anon: It's not that sloppy because there's lots of bread and no meat!

    Eat: It would taste good... if there were more meat!

  3. it was 99 cents ya chooch


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