Sep 28, 2009

Review: Nong Shim - Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup

To celebrate the spring we call "fall" here in southern California, I decided to enjoy a cold weather favorite of mine, Nong Shim's Shin Ramyun (aka ramen). Wikipedia tells me it's the bestselling brand of noodles in South Korea It's been very hot this September, but at least it was sort of cold tonight... well, comparatively anyway. Close enough for spicy ramen weather! A pack for a buck or less is enough for two servings.
Now a package of ramen by itself is just boring, so this time around I decided to boil some beef balls with the spice mix to start before adding some baby bok choy, spinach, green onions, the freeze-dried veggies, and the noodles.
Mmm... tasty! But very spicy and very hot if you eat it out of the pot like I did! See the steam in the third shot.

But there you go, a quick and easy meal for those who like the spicy or something to warm you up in cold weather. And for the super lazy, Nong Shim also makes Shin Ramyun in a Cup. They call it Shin Cup oddly enough...


  1. those noodles are really good, and they're not fried either!

  2. If they're not fried, then I'd REALLY where do the 480 calories come from. Somehow that makes it scarier.

  3. I'm pretty sure they're deep-fried and not air-dried. Most instant ramen are deep-fried which is where the fat comes from.

    According to, of the 240 calories in a 2 oz. serving (a package is ~4 oz.), ~30% of those calories come from fat, ~60% from carbs, and ~10 from protein. I wonder what the protein is from...

  4. I really love its flavor but the first time I ate this ramen it was summer XD, so I burned my tongue hahaha


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