Aug 31, 2009

Review: Houston's - French Dip

My Favorite French Dip Sandwich

The best french dip I've had... Ever... Although it's not cheap at around $18. Share it with a friend in my opinion. Houston's heats a generous cut of its delectable prime rib under a salamander and then thinly-slices (but not too thin!) it and places the juicy slices inside a soft egg-washed toasted french roll. The completed french dip sandwich is then served with a light beef broth for dipping and horseradish on the side. The result is this is the only place I go for a french dip sandwich anymore. Just thinking about it makes me want to go to Houston's...
The prime rib is moist, tender, and tasty. The bread is squishy soft and bakery fresh but is sturdy enough to hold together even dipped in the broth. The ingredients mesh well together and are well-balanced. If you're looking for a french dip, Houston's is definitely the place to try.

Maybe it's unfair to compare prime rib with regular sliced beef, pork, or lamb but it's really good! An order also comes with your choice of a side: couscous, coleslaw, french fries, or seasonal vegetables.

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