Aug 4, 2009

Review: KFC - Apple Turnovers

My Favorite Fast Food Apple Pie

Now this is what I'm talking about. Having bemoaned the fate of McDonald's Fried Apple Pie, I was happy to discover a few years ago that KFC added a deep-fried Apple Turnover (they are "pies" to me) to their menu. You can see above the crisp bubbles caused by the boiling oil. It just cries "crunchy!"  And at two pies for $1, it's hard to resist ordering!

It tastes just like the McDonald's Apple Pie of old except its less likely to be mouth burning hot. My guess is, leery of lawsuits, they either let their pies sit a bit before serving or keep them warm at a lower temperature than McDonald's did. Ah, the crisp, flaky crust and gooey cinnamon apple filling!

Also, like McDonald's, these babies have also been going two for a dollar for quite a while now. So, if you find yourself fiending the old McDonald's Apple Pie, just show up to KFC buck in hand and score two deep-fried apple turnovers/pies!

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Nutritional Info (86g)
Calories 260 (from Fat 120)
Fat 13g (Saturated Fact 3g)
Sodium 170mg
Carbs - 35g (Sugar 14g)
Protein 2g


  1. mmm...looks yummy

  2. Now discontinued, because apparently the people managing the menu at KFC think the world needs more subpar chocolate chip cookies instead.

  3. thank you kfc! i really did like the deep fried pies mcdonald's use to have when i was younger. i'm glad my local kfc offers them. mcdonald's was trying to be more healthy with their menu items, but that it so stupid, because when you think "mcdonald's", healthy is not a word that comes to mind. you go to places like mcdonald's because you're craving salt, sugar, and fat, and not looking to eat a tofu burger and a salad.


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