Oct 16, 2009

Review: Carl's Jr. - Bacon Ranch Cheeseburger

I tried Carl's Jr.'s Bacon Ranch Cheeseburger because it was 99 cents and a limited-time item. I have to say it was very blah. It features a charbroiled beef patty, two slices of bacon, a slice of swiss cheese, an onion ring, and ranch dressing. It was pretty bland.

The taste was very muted and unexciting. The Swiss cheese and paper-thin bacon did not add very much flavor at all.  It was all just very mellow and in need of something more... maybe some sweet, salty, sour, anything really... ah well.

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  1. that does not even look like it's worth .99

  2. I like them a lot. You didn't mention that the texture of it is delicious! The soft, warm bug, the crispy onion ring, the chewy meat go great with the tang of the ranch.

    You're right about the paper thin bacon not adding much, but for 99¢ I can't stay away from them.

  3. These are back on the menu least in southern Ca. But I cannot find the nutritional value for them anywhere. Anyone else find it? I'm especially looking for the calories.

  4. You get what you pay for.

  5. 500 calories and 30 grams of fat according to the nutrition calculator


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