Oct 21, 2009

Review: KFC - Chicken Little Sandwich

The KFC Chicken Little Sandwich is a relic of the KFC of old when fried chicken, sides, and biscuits were the only thing on the menu.

Reminiscent of your childhood school cafeteria lunch, the KFC Chicken Little is simplicity in itself. A thin breaded chicken patty, a bit of mayo, sandwiched inside a dinner roll.

I'd like to say that it tasted as good as I remember but the patty was very little meat and any flavor it had was overwhelmed by the dinner roll. Also, at the same price as a KFC Snacker, the Snacker simply offers more meat, more flavor, and more value if not the same nostalgia.

Still, the Chicken Little is still available in a few scattered KFCs here and there. If you're still looking for that familiar taste, even if it might not live up to the memories, check your local KFC. You might get lucky.


  1. i bought some chicken strips from safeway and made one of these myself! it was good

  2. I remember these Chicken Little Sandwiches. They were .39 cents each. I was able to eat about half dozen. It took about 3 to 4 bites to eat a whole sandwich. I wish KFC would being these back. I'm pretty sure they would be a hit once again!

  3. Yeah, they wouldn't be too bad if they were 50 cents or so.

  4. "I wish KFC would being these back. I'm pretty sure they would be a hit once again!"
    You said exactly what I was thinking. These sandwiches were inexpensive and tasty! I miss my parents driving me through Kentucky Fried Chicken and loading up on 6-8 of 'em.

    Please being them back, KFC!!


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