Jul 3, 2024

Nissin Debuts New Campfire S'mores Cup Noodles Instant Ramen

Nissin's Campfire S'mores Cup Noodles.
Nissin embraces a summer theme with the debut of a new, limited-edition Campfire S'mores flavor of its signature Cup Noodles instant ramen.

Cup Noodles Campfire S'mores features ramen noodles with a mix of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavors, paired with a smoky note for that toasty campfire experience.

As with regular Cup Noodles, preparation of the summery, saucy, dessert ramen consists of simply adding water to the cup and heating it in the microwave for three minutes. Nissin recommends topping the noodles with graham cracker pieces and/or mini marshmallows to add that s'mores texture.

Campfire S'mores is the latest in a series of rather bizarre and unexpected flavors of Cup Noodles. Other limited-edition flavors that have generated a fair amount of buzz have included Breakfast and Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese.

Cup Noodles Campfire S'mores are available now for a limited time exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide as well as the Walmart website. A 3.07-oz cup costs a suggested price of $1.18.

At the time of this writing, the product has garnered a score of 2.6 out of 5 off of 7 reviews on the Walmart website.

Photo via Nissin.

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