Mar 31, 2023

Nissin Launches New Breakfast-Flavored Cup Noodles

Nissin launches new Cup Noodles Breakfast as a limited-edition flavor exclusive to Walmart.

The new breakfast-themed flavor of instant ramen features ramen noodles with scrambled eggs and sausage pieces in a sweet and savory sauce with the flavors of pancakes and maple syrup.

Each 2.25-oz microwaveable cup takes about 4 minutes to prepare and carries a suggested price of $1.18.

You can find Cup Noodles Breakfast at select Walmart stores nationwide as well as on the Walmart website.

Cup Noodles Breakfast is Cup Noodles' second limited-edition flavor (the first being Pumpkin Spice). While the idea seems weird, it's coming from the same brand that offers ramen soft serve at their museum in Japan.

Photo via Cup Noodles.

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