Jul 1, 2024

Potato Cakes are Back at Arby's for a Limited Time

Two Arby's Potato Cakes.
Citing demand among its fans, Arby's has brought back Potato Cakes but only for a limited time.

The triangular hashbrowns patties are available now at participating Arby's restaurants nationwide with prices starting at $2.39 for a 3-piece order. They were discontinued back in 2021 when the fast-food chain first introduced Crinkle Fries.

As a marketing angle for the return of Potato Cakes, Arby's has introduced The Order of Potato Cakes, which is headed by actor Kyle MacLachlan (who I best remember as playing Paul Atriedes in the Dune movie from 1984 but is probably best known for Twin Peaks; he also recently appeared in the Fallout TV series on Amazon). The concept teased the return of Potato Cakes prior to the launch by pointing out several "omens" that foretold their return. A choice quote from the actor goes as follows, "We've been waiting three long years, and our voices have finally been heard. Potato Cakes are back at Arby's thanks to The Powers that Beef!"

Arby's will also be selling limited-edition potato cake merch from its online store. The products are not up at the time of this writing but will include a Potato Cake Amber Necklace, Potato Cake Candle, enamel pin, Order of Potato Cakes t-shirt, and Order of Potato Cakes hoodie.

Photo via Arby's.

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