Jul 1, 2024

Little Caesars Testing New Stuffed Crunch Crust Pizza

Little Caesars Stuffed Crunch Crust Pizza.
Little Caesars has been spotted testing new Stuffed Crunch Crust Pizza for a limited time in at least one location in Harriman, TN.

The crust option features the chain's regular round pizza crust with a stuffed toasted garlic crust. The stuffed toasted garlic crust comes filled with cheese and topped with a buttery-garlic-flavored drizzle, herbs, and breadcrumbs.

A large Stuffed Crunch Crust Pizza topped with pepperoni or cheese costs $9.49.

The new pizza crust sounds like a twist on the Crazy Crust offered last year, only with herbs and breadcrumbs instead of parmesan.

Photo via Little Caesars.

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