Jul 1, 2024

Review: Subway - Chicken & Cheese Dipper

Subway's Chicken & Cheese Dipper next to Baja Chipotle sauce and a quarter.

Subway's Chicken & Cheese Footlong Dipper features a 12" lavash-style flatbread rolled up with chicken and American cheese, cut into two 6" pieces, and then toasted. It comes with a choice of dipping sauce.

I got one for $4 and chose Baja Chipotle for my dipping sauce.

The Chicken & Cheese Dipper was piping hot when I received it and kept its heat remarkably well on the short trip home.

The lavish offered an enjoyable combination of crispy patches and soft chewy sections. The cheese was thoroughly melted. Neither the chicken nor the cheese was abundant but there was enough of both that their respective flavor and texture came across nicely. That being said, it was a tad plain in flavor without the dipping sauce.

Cross-section of Subway's Chicken & Cheese Dipper.

The Baja Chipotle hit with a note of strong smoky chipotle up front that segued into a creamy, tangy, mildly spicy kick. It combined with the Dipper for a Southwest chicken-type feel. Unlike the Honey Mustard sauce I previously tried with the Pepperoni & Cheese Dipper, the Baja Chipotle didn't overpower the chicken and cheese.

Overall, Subway's Chicken & Cheese Dipper was simple but good. It wasn't amazing but I liked the varied texture of the flatbread, there were some meaty bites of chicken here and there, and the Dipper and sauce went well together.

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