May 22, 2008

News: Carl's Jr.'s New "Fake Restaurant" Ad Campaign Punks Customers

I thought this was interesting... Carl's Jr.'s (or Hardee's depending on where you live) new campaign, called "Fake Restaurant," catches on hidden camera customers who believed they were eating super-expensive burgers at a fancy pants restaurant only to find out they were really enjoying Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Burgers.

They set up a restaurant called Grade A Restaurant, was created for the experiment in Malibu, CA and went all out, even including a website

Like the MTV show Punk'd, guests were brought to the set by an "accomplice," a friend who was in on the ruse, to experience a fine meal of specialty hamburgers from a top-notch chef. The charbroiled, Angus beef burgers listed on the menu, which were actually Carl's Jr. burgers., ranged in price from $14 to $20. It wasn't until after the guests had paid the checks that the truth was revealed to them.

The commercials also serve to promote the Carl's Jr. Prime Rib Six Dollar Burger which comes out in June.

You can check out the commercials and extended footage at


  1. Hey Quang!! I got your website from Jen... it's pretty cool! I will read regularly from now on! :)
    Do you remember me from Cal?
    Cristina (Jen's old roommate)

  2. Who?! Just kidding! You're the only 'Cristina' I know even though I am bad with names. Yay! I got another reader!


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