May 23, 2008

News: White Castle Offers 27 Cent Burgers in Honor of National Hamburger Month

Apparently, it's National Burger Month and White Castle, as the official sponsor of National Burger Month, is celebrating by offering its slider burgers (dubbed "Slyders") for 27 cents on May 27th from 2:00 pm - 3:27 pm. I'm not sure what the significance of the number 27 is for National Burger Month but there it is.

The particulars: At participating locations only. Cheese and bacon are extra. Limit 10 per person and no phone orders. Over 250 locations will be participating out of 413 total which is weird since all locations are company-owned and not franchised...

I've always wanted to try White Castle, especially ever since watching Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, but they are only located in the northeast part of the U.S. They should open a White Castle in California to appease me. Plus, these mini-burgers come in neat little boxes! I have tried the frozen ones from the supermarket but they don't heat evenly and frozen buns tend to be soggy. Plus, they don't come in neat little boxes!

Something I did not know before visiting the White Castle website to write this little bit of news: White Castle is the very first fast-food hamburger chain.

White Castle
Castle Locator

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