May 30, 2008

Rant: I Hate Sonic - America's Drive-In

If you happen to live in southern California, you might hate Sonic too. Why? Because even though the nearest Sonic is in Anaheim (the only Sonic in the LAish area actually), Sonic airs its commercials through out southern California. Most of the California locations are in or around Bakersfield for some reason. When I lived in the SF Bay Area, they did the same thing! The nearest Sonic up there was in Tracy a good 40, 50 miles out!

In fact, I've only been to Sonic once! While passing through Bakersfield... The food is pretty good for fast food, plus there are a fair amount of choices. Also, Sonic has its Limeades in a variety of flavors. They have carhops! Carhops! They always advertise interesting new items that I want to try but they don't have any locations nearby! Vexing! In conclusion, I hate Sonic!


  1. Yeah Sonic is such a tease! What is a carhop?

  2. A carhop is from back in the olden days like the '40s or something where the waitstaff would bring the food to your car... on rollerskates! It's been mostly replaced today by drive-thrus. You can check it in action on Youtube:

  3. i tried sonic in vegas, the burger tastes like mcds big and tasty. yuck!

  4. Some friends came to visit near Memphis and ate at Sonic every day. The live in the northeastern part of the U.S. and get frustrated with these commercials as well.


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