Mar 9, 2009

Review: Burger King - Iced Mocha Joe

Like McDonald's Iced Coffee, Burger King's Iced Mocha Joe comes in a 20 oz. cup for about 2 dollars.  Unlike the McDonald's version, the Iced Mocha Joe tastes more like chocolate milk then like milky coffee.  To be more precise, the BK Mocha Joe tastes like cold chocolate milk with a slight note of coffee after the initial chocolate milk flavor.

Drinking the Iced Mocha Joe does remind me of elementary school and school lunches in the cafeteria which is fine if you want chocolate milk, but don't buy this if you want coffee.

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  1. Some of the mochas these days really are a bit too chocolate-y! Wonder how they made it so chocolatey when the physical appearance doesn't look like it...

  2. Say No to Mocha JoeSunday, January 22, 2012

    On impulse today at the BK drive-thru I got a mocha joe. Gross! It tastes like chocolate milk with a strong bitter old coffee taste. The chocolate tastes fake also. Definitely agree with the review...if you want fake tasting chocolate milk/coffee then buy this, otherwise save yourself $1.99. I still have half of the drink 2 hours later (might try to add something from home to get the bitterness out.)

  3. Okay, so it seems they have the regular iced coffee, which I ordered...but instead got the iced mocha, which is rather gross.  I highly doubt that any true coffee lovers out there would be impressed by this fake contraption.  It's nothing but syrup mixed with some type of dairy product.....they didn't even bother to blend the syrup well, leaving a nasty-looking glob stuck to one side of the see-through cup.  Vile.

  4. I have been going to BK for years and their Iced Mocha is the bomb! I used to get the mocha frappee at starbucks but BK's is cheaper and tastes better. Now they just replaced it with some watered down seattle iced coffee. What a travesty. I am going to see if I can get the old recipe to make mine at home. All you people saying "it's gross" are seriously demented.


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