Mar 23, 2009

Review: Original Tommy's - Chili Cheeseburger

Tommy's Cheeseburger insideAnother Los Angeles institution, Tommy's was founded back in 1946 and I grew up hearing about their burgers now and again.

But, it was not until recently, that I finally went to a Tommy's (the original location at the corner of Beverly and Rampart in fact) with a couple of friends to try for myself the Original Tommy's Cheeseburger (all Tommy's burgers come with chili).

Tommy's Cheeseburger from the topThe cheeseburger is your typical burger bun sandwiching a thin beef patty, a slice of American cheese, a meat chili, diced onions, a couple of pickle slices, a thick cut slice of tomato, and mustard.

Tommy's Cheeseburger from the sideSadly, I found myself much disappointed. The burger lacked flavor. It was bland. The famous orange-colored chili was bland. I was surprised since it looked like the chili would have at least a bit of a kick, some saltiness or tangy sweet or anything really. It was all rather blah. Every individual ingredient, besides the pickles, just blended together into a general blah-ness. Perhaps an off night? I don't know but I probably won't venture to Tommy's again.

Original Tommy's


  1. looks like a generic burger with some chili dumped on it

  2. Ugggghhh I so agree!  And...  I'm all for a good ol' greasy burger but...  I don't want to have to shave my tongue afterwards!

  3. Please give it another try...maybe it was an off night. Or maybe you got a bad batch....just one more time.

  4. Haha... maybe...

  5. I'mnottellingyoumynameMonday, July 15, 2013

    You mean with das poop dumped on it, right? Because I gagged looking at that "chili"


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