Sep 1, 2011

Review: Wendy's - Maple Baked Frescuit

Wendy's answer to the McGriddle (at least an answer they're testing), the Maple Baked Frescuit features a biscuit with maple syrup baked in rather than a pancake. The rest is the same with the standard choice of bacon or sausage with egg and cheese.

I picked one up for $2.69.

I'm not sure what Wendy's is trying to do with their "frescuit" but the result is a non-crusty, soft biscuit with the maple-baked version dotted with pockets of maple syrup. I like my biscuit to have a little bit of crustiness but the Frescuit is less crumbly. The flavor is good and similar to the McGriddle but obviously more biscuit-like.
You can see from the picture that Wendy's bacon looks more like what you'd produce at home in a pan and not the typical razor-thin fast food fare. Because it's thicker and more substantial than other places, you also get more smoky bacon flavor and crispness.
Egg and cheese are standard but the end result is a step up with the bacon and biscuit. If you like a bit of sweet with your savory in your breakfast sandwich, Wendy's Maple Baked Frescuit is worth a try if it ever makes it out of testing.


  1. it was delicious, but unfortunately they stopped selling it. we MISS it so much.

  2. Recent news reports tell of a possible short-term stagnation of beef prices as beef producers sell off herds due to drought and other reasons.

    With time the end result will be higher beef prices.

    The "pros" guesstimate that pork prices will remain flat or possibly decrease a bit.

    Thus, to maximize revenue by decreasing overhead, expect, possible, more pork upon fast-food offerings to minimize the use and/or need for as much beef in offerings.

    Mmmmm... bacon!!!!!

    Good for those lusting for the stuff.

    Not so good for those not salivating at the thought of bacon or pork patties or pork sausage sandwiches, etc.

    I would have to taste an item with embedded syrup of any type, taste before declaring any lust for the item.

    I fear that getting too "fancy" may be counter-productive.

    What next; strawberry pancake syrup drenched baked potatoes?

  3. well this is something worth trying though sadly the wendys around here quit breakfast ah well

  4. This looks way better than the McGriddle but the name is unfortunate. Frescuit? Really?

  5. yes, mcgriddle is a much more dignified name.


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