Sep 5, 2011

Review: Wendy's - Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Wendy's Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich features a white meat crispy chicken patty topped with all-natural Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, and ranch sauce, served atop a hamburger bun for the value price of 99 cents.

The chicken patty is, like all value-priced chicken sandwiches, of the mechanically separated variety and comes nice and crisp and lightly seasoned. I'm sad they replaced their yellow buns with the typical fast food white ones.
Most of the flavor is provided by a rather strong ranch sauce, a little too strong as it washes out the lighter seasoning of the chicken and cheese.

Monterey Jack being a rather bland cheese added a bit of melted cheese texture as well as some creaminess.
It's not a bad buy if you're a fan of ranch or are looking for a good value but I'd rather go with the regular Crispy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's.

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Nutritional Info - Wendy's Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich (154g)
Calories - 400 (from Fat - 180)
Fat - 20g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 950mg
Carbs - 38g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 17g


  1. Not a fan of this or the Caesar wrap they rolled out. Something odd about the taste in both, and I've tried each twice.

  2. i had this before and really liked it its worth the 99 cents 

  3. totally agreed.  they are just so salty and cheap tasting.

  4. Is it a better deal than the Mcchicken ? 

  5. I think the review is accurate. If you really like ranch, this is better, otherwise stick with the Mcchicken. Of course, you're way better off getting almost any premium chicken sandwich.

    I also agree with the comments about the weird cheap saltiness of the other value chicken sandwiches/wraps at Wendy's. That's why they need ranch to cover it up. I go with the nuggets at Wendy's when I want cheap chicken.

  6. I was very impressed for a Buck. Got two, a value frosty, and value drink which made a perfect snack between work and school!

  7. thats a big snack bro

  8. Who blogs about fast food, as if it's some kind of gourmet eating? How much do you weigh?! Seriously, you are a fast food eating expert? It's what you do on a regular basis and then you blog about it? Your health is seriously at risk. You should probably choose another subject to blog about. 

  9. You should go back to your home on Whore Island.

  10. A lot of people who eat fast food on a regular basis are perfectly healthy. I'm average height and weigh about 155 lbs., and I eat fast food once or twice a week. Have you ever heard of exercise and eating in moderation? This sandwich is 400 calories with 17 grams of protein. It's high in salt and fat but you can still work it into a healthy diet. Drink a lot of water, maybe have a banana as a snack to balance out the salt with some potassium. Your comment seems rather judgmental, why would you even come here if you hate fast food?

  11. Lol yea that's more calories than I eat for any meal, but to each his own.

  12. i'm a college student. this is gourmet enough


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