Sep 30, 2011

Frozen Friday: Banquet - Rigatoni & Italian Sausage

Banquet's Rigatoni & Italian Sausage is one of Banquet's new frozen entrees and features Italian sausage in marinara sauce over rigatoni pasta with shredded mozzarella cheese.

They tend to cost about $1.39 at regular price or at $1.00 or less on sale for an 8-ounce box.

The entree comes in a weirdly-shaped black tray with a vaguely butterfly-like shape. I'm curious as to the reason and wonder if it affect the cooking process or if it just makes it look like you're getting more.

The pasta turned out pretty well and was suprisingly firm.

The sauce though seemed like just tomato, salt and not much else. Some additional seasoning would have been nice.
There was not too much in the way of cheese or sausage but the odd bites of sausage I did get had a nicely seasoned flavor to them.

Overall, Banquet's Rigatoni & Italian Sausage is just okay and needs a little more sausage and cheese to keep it interesting. Still it's only a buck which makes for a convenient meal in a pinch.

Nutritional Info - Banquet Rigatoni & Italian Sausage (227g)
Calories - 260 (Calories from Fat - 80)
Fat - 9g (Saturated Fat - 2.5g)
Sodium - 570mg
Carbs - 35g (Sugar - 5g)
Protein - 9g


  1. That's exactly right, in my opinion. The fact that the review said this is "just ok" means it's probably one of the better ones out there.

    I've found a couple others that meet this criteria. It's either "never again" or "alright, not terrible" when it comes to banquet.

  2. i love banquet meals, but in a "god this awful but it only costs 90 cents" kind of way.

  3. You can usually get these Banquet dinners at the Wal-Mart grocery (Neighborhood Market) here for 88 cents.  They make a pretty good lunch.


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