Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Review: McDonald's - Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

I popped into McDonald's one night and saw something new on the menu, the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich for $2.89. Since I already tried Arby's lackluster Southern Style Chicken Sandwich, I decided to give the McDonald's version a try. As you can see above, the sandwich comes in a Big Mac-style clam shell made of recycled paper.

The sandwich is a good size unlike Arby's snack-sized sandwich and comes with a seasoned breaded chicken breast rather than the ground up meat you find in a Chicken McNugget. It's garnished simply with two pickle slices and served on a squishy-soft steamed bun.
The sandwich has a good bun to meat ratio! I was moderately surprised upon taking a bite; the chicken was substantial and quite flavorful.

While basically the same as the McDonald's hamburger bun, the bun for the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich has a noticeable sheen to it; the McDonald's website describes the bun as "steamy buttery tasting" and liquid margarine is listed as one of the ingredients, so maybe they brush the bun with margarine before steaming it. I didn't really taste any buttery-ness though.  I do have to note that the bun was moister and more squishy than McDonald's normal bun.

All-in-all, I have to say it's pretty good and definitely worth a try!

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