Apr 8, 2008

Review: Arby's - Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

I always think of a giant hat when I think of Arby's because of the giant brown hat that used to be the signage at my local Arby's before they modernized the place. Now there's no hat like a McDonald's with no golden arches... you walk into an Arby's and it kinda looks like a Carl's Jr. or a Jack in the Box... not much differentiation in fast food restaurant interiors nowadays...

But anyway, I tried Arby's new Southern Style Chicken Sandwich because I had a coupon for 2 for $4. I was a little disappointed when I unwrapped it because it was pretty small. About the size of a KFC Snacker I'd guess although the chicken patty is bigger.
As you can see the chicken patty itself was a decent size. It was actual chicken breast and not ground up chicken meat. The pickles were soggy and you only got two slices so they didn't add that much.
I read that a southern style sandwich is smothered in mayo and served with pickles so I guess this is somewhat what one would look like. Arby's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich's okay... not bad. I wouldn't get it again though; too little sandwich for $2. It's a handy snack I suppose if you're not up for a full-sized roast beef or chicken sandwich.

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  1. Hey! How'd you add another column? I tried a few hacks but it only screwed up my layout. :(

  2. WC: I just monkeyed around with the HTML after doing a search for "blogger 3 columns". Plus I am awesome.

  3. I had it and it really sucked!!

    Was more like a chicken nugget on a buscuit!!

  4. I'm going through all your reviews and such so maybe I haven't come across it yet, but have you tried McDonalds Southern Style chicken sandwich or biscuit yet?

  5. I certainly did. They're in there somewhere.


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