Apr 1, 2008

Review: Peach House - Frozen Yogurt and Brazilian Lemonade

From Left to Right: A Peach House small peach-flavored frozen yogurt (~$3.50... I don't remember the exact pricing) with strawberries; a Brazilian Lemonade (~$2); a medium raspberry-flavored yogurt with strawberries, mangoes, and mochi (~$4.50); and a medium peach flavored yogurt with lychee (or was it longan... I forget...), raspberry, and kiwi.

I have to say I'm not a big fan of the whole fro-yo craze that has seen frozen yogurt vendors popping up all over the place with Starbucks ubiquity. They all pretty much taste the same and cost the same with maybe slight variations in flavor and toppings from what I can tell. Peach House happens to be WC's current fro-yo fav... I will also point out at this junction that besides standing for "Wandering Chopsticks", WC is also the abbreviation for "water closet" i.e. elbano aka the bathroom. Just thought I'd point that out. Anyway, I like Peach House because they have a snazzy interior that reminds me of a music video set and which they remind with signs has won some sort of architecture award. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take picture of the interior since I've heard that Pinkberry is notorious for not letting you snap pictures of its insides and thought this place might be the same. Plus, I think you get more of the effect if you go there and judge for yourself. But if you're really curious you can check out pictures of the interior on Yelp.

The other reason I like going there is for their Brazilian Lemonade which is actually limeade with condensed milk. It sounds weird but it tastes great. As for the yogurt, honestly I don't taste much of a difference between one place and the next. Raspberry was sweet and tart and peach was... peachy... I really should not have ordered mango since they are out of season and tasted like it.

Update: Peach House is now closed.


  1. I have seen the future of froyo and it is Yogurtland! You make your own concoction and they sell it by weight. Also, they don't insist on making flavors that are supposed to be sweet taste sour (I'm talking to you, coffee flavored Pinkberry!). I saw a storefront in little tokyo - coming soon!

  2. P.S. Am I quoted on your info section?!

  3. WW: Yeah, my friend was gushing about Yogurtland and all the choices! They have sour coffee flavor at Pinkberry? That doesn't sound very tasty...

    P.S. Yes, you are! I know, right? Are you chuffed?

  4. Chuffed? Is WW Aussie?

    Anyway, it's so nice of you to point out the water closet comparison.

    I have pics of the inside. They're not Pinkberry. They're nice.

  5. You cant post old things! That goes against the spirit of blogging. if only your readers knew...

  6. WC: WW spent a year in England and likes to say things like "takeaway" and "bin."

    I know right? I'm like super nice! Okay, I will make a link to them then.

    V: How is that old?! It was last weekend! Plus, of course you can post old things! Old doesn't make it less interesting!

  7. Please tell me the recipe for making peach house brazilian lemonade. How do they squeeze the limes or is it store bought limade and how much condesed milk.


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