Apr 15, 2008

News: Baskin Robbin's - 31 Cent Scoop Night on April 30, 2008

Not to be outdone, or only slightly to be outdone, by Ben & Jerry''s Free Cone Day, Baskin Robbins will be having its second annual 31 Cent Scoop Night on April 30, 2008 from 5pm to 10pm at all 2,700 stores nationwide. In conjunction with the promotion, Baskin Robbins will be donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. You can get up to 10 ice cream cones for 31 cents each, basically meaning you can try a little less than a third of Baskin Robbins' 31 flavors for a little more than $3. Of course, you might go into a diabetic coma afterwards.

31 Cent Scoop Night
April 30, 2008, 5pm - 10pm
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  1. yump~ but i'm pretty sure baskin robbins used to have FREE scoop night...


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