Apr 9, 2008

Review: El Pollo Loco - Flame-Grilled Chicken

The spread: 10 flame-grilled legs & thighs, 4 corn tortillas, cilantro, spicy avocado salsa, medium pico de gallo, lemons slices, mild original salsa, and onions. Their current promo price is $9.99 or roughly $1 per leg or thigh which isn't really much of a deal when you can get a leg off their value menu for $1.

The chicken is pretty tasty on the outside but the flavor doesn't seep enough into the meat closer to the bone. But they provide a remedy to that with their unlimited condiment bar which contain the aforementioned salsas, lemons, etc. along with spicy green peppers and a couple of other salsa choices which you can handily pack to go in little plastic sauce cups. Plus since you can get tortillas ($0.25 for a bag of two or 5 bags for $1), you have all the fixin's to make your own little tacos.

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