Jan 25, 2012

News: Taco Bell Rolls Out First Meal i.e. Breakfast

Having touted its last night "Fourth Meal," for quite some time, after years of testing, Taco Bell is rolling out its "First Meal" breakfast menu (according to NRN) in 10 states and about 750 locations including California.

Apparently they tested "spicy" and "unique" items and customers want milder fare for breakfast so it's taco sauce for you if you want to liven up your breakfast.

The breakfast menu features 11 new items including 4 breakfast burritos (various combinations of breakfast meat and eggs), a sausage and egg wrap, hash browns, Cinnabon Delights, Seattle's Best coffee and Tropicana orange juice. I actually tried a few of the new breakfast items last year and you can check out some details and my thoughts here.

Breakfast hours vary by locations, but generally fall between 8am and 11am.

Taco Bell is looking to complete a chain-wide rollout by 2015.

Here's the complete menu with suggested prices (may vary):

- Sausage or Bacon and Egg Burrito - $.99
- Hash Browns - $.99
- Seattle’s Best Coffee - $.99
- Cinnabon Delights - $1.49
- Tropicana Orange Juice - $1.49
- Johnsonville Sausage and Egg Wrap - $1.79
- Seattle’s Best Coffee Vanilla or Mocha Iced Coffee - $1.99
- Steak and Egg Burrito - $1.99
- Grande Skillet Burrito - $2.79.
In addition, three combos are offered at $3.99, which includes a drink and hash brown.


  1. Mmmm.  The Taco Bell in the student union here in Morgantown WV had breakfast years ago--they had a breakfast burrito that had tater tots rolled up in in that was pretty darn good.  Unfortunately that store went out during a renovation and none of the other store in town have had ever breakfast.  Hope the trend comes this way.

  2. From what I've read, First Meal won't start appearing in the eastern U.S. until 2013 =X


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