Feb 23, 2017

Domino's Serves Up New Garlic Bread Filled with Meat Sauce in Australia

Domino's new Bolognese Garlic Baguette down in Australia is basically like spaghetti and garlic bread all-in-one, but without the noodles.

Bojangles' Adds New "Bo-Tato" Breakfast Bowl

Bojangles' bolsters their selection of bowls with the addition of the new "Bo-Tato" Breakfast Bowls, so-named because they features Bo-Tato Rounds--the chain's rendition of hash browns.

Feb 22, 2017

Review: Wendy's - Bacon Ranch Fries

Wendy's Bacon Ranch Fries feature natural-cut fries topped with applewood-smoked bacon, Italian 3-cheese blend, and parmesan ranch sauce.

Hardee's Unveils New Hand-Breaded Spicy Chicken Tenders

Hardee's adds some heat to their chicken tenders with the debut of new, limited-time Hand-Bread Spicy Chicken Tenders at participating locations.

Little Caesars Launches New Smokehouse Pizza

Little Caesars combines slow-cooked, smoked meats and pizza for the debut of their new Smokehouse Pizza.

Chipotle's "Smarter Pickup Times" Tech Should Reduce Wait Time for Online Orders

Chipotle just completed the rollout of what they're calling "Smarter Pickup Times" technology to all locations that offer digital ordering with the intent of creating shorter and more accurate pickup times for online orders.

Hi-Chew Candy Now Available in New Kiwi Flavor

Morinaga's Hi-Chew selection expands with the launch of new Kiwi flavor.

Review: McDonald - Cherry and Creme Pie

McDonald's Cherry and Creme Pie features a sugar-coated crust and a dual-piped filling of sweetened cherry and vanilla-flavored creme.

TGI Fridays Debuts New Burger Bar

In addition to the permanent return of Endless Apps to the menu, TGI Fridays launches a new burger lineup that they're calling the "Burger Bar," with seven burgers in all (three of them new).

Feb 21, 2017

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Cafe Pops-Up in NYC

Perhaps hoping to inspire your own Pop-Tarts culinary experimentation, Kellogg's transformed their cereal cafe in Times Square into a limited-time Pop-Tarts Cafe through February 26, 2017.