Feb 26, 2017

Arby's Debuts New Chicago-Style Beef Dip as Part of "Big City Sandwiches" Line

Arby's adds the new Chicago-Style Beef Dip as part of their new "Big City Sandwiches" line, which also includes the returning Double-Stacked Reuben (now called the "New York Double StackReuben" and regular-menu Fire-Roasted Philly.

Sonic Brings Back Pancake on a Stick

Pancake on a Stick is back at Sonic starting February 27, 2017. The returning menu item features a sausage stick dipped in pancake batter and deep-fried.

Feb 25, 2017

Observations: McDonald's "The Straw"

In case you didn't get your hands on McDonald's "The Straw" yesterday, they were nice enough to send me one of the multi-holed, hooked straws and I tried it out.

Peeps Moves (Slightly) Upmarket with New Peeps Delights

Looking to offer something fancier than their core sugar-crusted marshmallow line, Peeps debut their new Peeps Delights line featuring the signature chick-shaped, flavored marshmallows dipped in chocolate or fudge.

Feb 24, 2017

Frozen Friday: Bibigo Chicken & Vegetable Mini Wontons

Bibigo's Chicken & Vegetable Mini Wontons are mini Korean-style wontons (mandoo) filled with a mix of chicken and veggies (mostly cabbage).

White Castle Serves Up New Seafood Crab Cake Slider

White Castle looks to offer something different than the fish and shrimp items that populate fast food menus this time of year with the introduction of the new Seafood Crab Cake Slider.

Oreo Mint Shake Once Again at Burger King

The Oreo Mint Shake returns to Burger King just in time to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day and perhaps square off against McDonald's new Chocolate Shamrock Shake line up.

Feb 23, 2017

Review: Starbucks - Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper Sous Vide Egg Bites

Starbucks' Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper Sous Vide Egg Bites feature cage-free egg whites with Monterey Jack and cottage cheese, plus spinach and fire-roasted red bell peppers, cooked in a temperature-controlled water bath after vacuum sealing.

Redhook Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich Returns to Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. brings back the Redhook Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich just in time for the annual Lenten season.

Domino's Serves Up New Garlic Bread Filled with Meat Sauce in Australia

Domino's new Bolognese Garlic Baguette down in Australia is basically like spaghetti and garlic bread all-in-one, but without the noodles.