Nov 28, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Card Bonuses

Here's a list I put together of all the extra holiday bonuses available from buying gift cards at some of your favorite restaurant chains.

Please note that a lot of the bonus cards are more like bonus coupons and are not gift cards per se. They therefore have no cash value and an expiration date. You should check with the respective restaurants for details if you have any questions. I've listed the expiration dates where I could find them.

Nov 27, 2014

Review: Starbucks - Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Panini

Starbucks' Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Panini features slices of roasted turkey, an herbed cranberry cornbread stuffing, and turkey gravy on toasted focaccia bread.

It goes for $6.25 but I racked up enough rewards to get one for free.

Nov 26, 2014

Review: Blaze Pizza - S'more Pie

Blaze Pizza's S'more Pie features melted milk chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched between two large rounds of McVitie's biscuits.

It cost $2 for one.

Quiznos Offers New Toasty Gingerbread Bar

Just in time for the holidays, Quiznos offers the new Gingerbread Bar which can be toasted when ordered.

The new, limited time baked good features brown sugar, molasses, and some holiday spices. They come sprinkled with sugar and carry a suggested price of $1.49 (may vary), while supplies last.

Review: Red Burrito - The Red Burrito

Hardee's-Red Burrito's The Red Burrito features seasoned ground beef, refried beans, and hot sauce all stuffed in a warm tortilla and topped with red enchilada sauce and a melted cheddar blend.

I picked one up for $3.69.

Recipes from Taco Bell's 2014 Friendsgiving Feast

Here are some of the recipes from this year's Taco Bell 2014 Friendsgiving Feast. They had a number of recipe cards that they gave out and I've transcribed them here for you guys (with some edits for clarity and my own notes in parentheses). The Turkey Roulade wasn't on any recipe cards but I managed to get it anyway because it was awesome and my favorite dish there (I might try making it for Christmas). In case you want more, I also have the recipes from last year's event.

Without further ado:

Nov 25, 2014

Review: KFC - Pumpkin Cake

KFC's Pumpkin Cake is a pumpkin Bundt cake drizzled with cream cheese frosting and pumpkin-flavored sauce.

A 16-oz cake cost me $3.99 (it's also available as part of a Festive Feast).

First Look at the Card That Gets You Free Starbucks for Life

Starbucks recently released a photo of the Starbucks for Life card, which is good for a free food or beverage at Starbucks once a day, every day for 30 years. As you can see, the card appears to be made of (or made to resemble) hammered gold and is individually numbered and etched with its owner's name. It also comes in an individually numbered wooden box.

Carvel's 2014 Holiday Flavor is Andes Peppermint

Carvel teams up with Andes Mints this holiday to come up with a line up of peppermint flavored soft serve and ice cream treats.

Here's what they're offering:

- Peppermint Soft Serve

- Peppermint Ice Cream - mixed with chunks of Andes Peppermint Crunch.

Nov 24, 2014

Review: Taco Bell - Rolled Chicken Tacos

Taco Bell's new Rolled Chicken Tacos features shredded, seasoned white meat chicken rolled up in a corn tortilla and deep-fried.

An order of four cost $3.99 and included two sauces for dipping (sauce choices include new Spicy Ranch, salsa, guacamole, nacho cheese, and sour cream). I went with Spicy Ranch and guacamole. You can also get an order of two with one sauce for $1.99 (which is a penny cheaper than buying four).