Dec 21, 2014

Quaker Debuts 3-Minute Quick Steel-Cut Oatmeal

For fans of steel-cut oats, Quaker now offers new Quick 3-Minute Steel Cut Oatmeal in several varieties.

Steel-cut oats are known for a distinctive, heartier texture and nuttier flavor than rolled oats. The drawback was it usually took 30 minutes or more to prepare them.

Dec 20, 2014

Review: Mrs. Fields - Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies feature individually wrapped soft-baked chocolate chip cookies.

It's usually around $2.50 for an 8-oz box of eight cookies but I received these courtesy of Mrs. Fields (along with the "cookies for Santa" place setting pictured below) because they're donating one individually-wrapped cookie to the USO (up to 250,000 cookies) for every Twitter mention of @cookiemoment through December 31, 2014.

Wendy's "Turkey Special" Includes Chicken, Turkey, and Mashed Potatoes on a Pretzel Bun

Wendy's Japan is offering a new Turkey Special as holiday promotion this year. They're offering the Pretzel Turkey Mashed Potato Burger and Pretzel Turkey Spicy Chicken Burger.

Half-Price Shakes at Sonic All Day on 12/22/14

Sonic is once again celebrating the Winter Solstice (AKA the shortest day of the year) by offering half-price shakes all day on Monday, December 22, 2014 (never mind that the Winter Solstice falls on December 21).

Dec 19, 2014

Frozen Friday: Healthy Choice - Homestyle Salisbury Steak

Healthy Choice's Homestyle Salisbury Steak frozen meal features a Salisbury steak patty in brown gravy with green beans, red potatoes, and a caramel apple dessert.

A 11.5-oz box was $2 on sale.

Taco Bell Has Sold Over 1 Billion Doritos Locos Tacos in Less Than 3 Years

Since it launched back in March of 2012, Taco Bell has now sold over 1 billion Doritos Locos Tacos (DLTs) in a span of less than 3 years.

To commemorate the milestone, Taco Bell put out a infographic with some fun and interesting facts about the Doritos Locos Tacos.

Bojangles Launches Cheddar Bo Cheese Biscuit

Bojangles is launching their Cheddar Bo biscuit to over 500 locations in the Southeast in January, but only for a limited time.

It was previously limited to select locations in Eastern North Carolina and Virginia.

Frito-Lay Combines Plum & Cheese in New Tortilla Chips

One of the latest items from Frito-Lay in Japan are new Plum & Cheese Tortilla Chips, which purport to combine "thick cream cheese" with the "mouthwatering bite and acidity of fresh plum."

Dec 18, 2014

Review: Pizza Hut - "Ginger Boom Boom" Crust

Pizza Hut's "Ginger Boom Boom" Crust flavor features a dusting of ginger, garlic, black pepper, and paprika.

In addition to the crust, I went for a pizza with no sauce, topped with a double portion of their new salami and a drizzle of Honey Sriracha sauce on top. The price came out to $7.99 for a large.

Ben & Jerry's Unleashes New Peanut Butter Half Baked Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's takes last year's best-selling flavor, Half Baked and gives it a peanut buttery twist to make new Peanut Butter Half Baked ice cream, which starts arriving just in time for Christmas.