Mar 20, 2008

Review: Hot Pockets Supreme Pizza Stuffed Sandwich

Ah the Hot Pocket... I ate a bunch of these back in high school on account of them being on sale for about a dollar for two in a package and my mom thinking it was awful convenient. I got pretty sick of them and honestly would never buy them ever, but since I decided to resume the life of a starving student and moved back home, my mom still buys them when they go on sale. Normally, I feed them to my brother when there's not much to eat in the house, but in a bout of hunger one late night I popped one in the microwave.

They come with a crisper sleeve that while not crisping the crust did keep it from getting soggy. The same material works pretty well for Marie Callender's Pot Pies though.
As you can see if doesn't really look like there's "more meat" but I could be wrong; it's been over five years since I last had one of these. It tastes decent enough, like a frozen pizza folded up I'd say. That being said I'd rather have a frozen dinner or a pot pie but for a dollar and case of midnight munchies, it does well enough.


  1. I agree with your "more meat" concerns. I used to eat these about 10 years ago. Back then, they were about 2 times larger. Now its more like a bite sized snack then a meal.

  2. Hey Q, have you tried the 4-Cheese Flavor? That is my favorite flavor and in fact the only one I will eat. Just something about the melted cheese.....tasty!

  3. Haha, I haven't had a Hot Pocket in a long time. There was a period where I just ate too many and got sick of them. I've never tried the 4-Cheese flavor though.


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