Mar 28, 2008

Review: Klondike - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Bar

More Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! I saw these at the supermarket on sale for $3, which is a lot cheaper than their regular price of over $5. The Klondike bar was originally made by the Isaly Dairy Company in the 1930s, but today the brand is owned by Unilever who along with Nestle account for about half the ice cream sales in the U.S. and approximately one third worldwide. Some of your favorite ice cream brands are owned by these two companies. Dreyer's (Edy's in the eastern half of the U.S.) was bought by Nestle, and Ben & Jerry's was acquired by Unilever.

The Klondike bar is covered in milk chocolate all around and melts quite easily in the warmth of your hands. While you can stick your hand in some ice before eating, I recommend holding it in its foil wrapper. That being said, I picked it up in my hands and ate it very quickly, licking my fingers afterwards.
It tastes a lot like a Butterfinger bar, if you have ever had one of those, but without the crunchy bits. If you never had a Butterfinger bar, it tastes like peanut butter ice cream in a creamy chocolate shell. I love the chocolate shell and how it melts in your mouth... I licked the wrapper afterwards too... you know... to get all the chocolate bits that were flaking off.

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