Mar 26, 2008

Local Review: Taylor's Automatic Refresher - Bacon Cheeseburger and Onion Rings

While up in the SF Bay area, I met up with one of my friends for lunch at the Ferry Building, which I assume is so called because it's where the ferries embark and disembark to and from various locales around the bay.

After walking about and perusing the many food options, we settled on good 'ole burgers and rings at Taylor's Automatic Refresher.  I wonder what the an "automatic refresher" is... maybe it used to be an automat back in the day?

It was 11:00am and the line was already quite long giving us plenty of time to decide what we wanted.
I got the bacon cheeseburger (a bit pricey at $7.99) and an order of beer-battered onion rings ($3.99).

The burgers at Taylor's come on a toasted egg bun.  I like egg buns because they usually have a hint of sweetness. Wendy's is the only major burger chain that I know of who uses egg buns.

The burger was good, not great, but good. For a bacon burger, it was curiously a bit on the bland side and ultimately forgettable. Still, Taylor's is quite popular with the Downtown lunch crowd so perhaps I chose the wrong burger?
For $3,99, I got plenty of onion rings.  They were very good; I prefer battered rings and these were exemplary: nice and crispy on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside without being hard to bite through. (I hate it when you try and take a bite of an onion ring and the entire onion comes out leaving you with a sad ring of batter.)
My Coke came in a compostable plastic-looking (and feeling!) cup. I was a bit dubious about the 100% compostable claim but apparently, the cup is made of a corn-based resin. My drink didn't taste funny so I was happy.

Taylor's Automatic Refresher has two other locations in St. Helena and Oxbow (Napa).
You can check out their menu and website at:

Taylor's Automatic Refresher

Ferry Building Marketplace
1 Ferry Building, Space #6
San Francisco, CA 94111
Hours: 10:30am to 10:00pm
Phone: 866-328-3663

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